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Ewhurst Fibre Ring

Some of you will know that Walter has proposed a symmetric 1 Gbps (1,000 Mbps) fibre ring through soft dig fields and paths starting with the outliers around Ewhurst, and possibly including others not on the Cranleigh exchange. The concept … Continue reading

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Peaslake Road Line Faults

A new BT line fault report from Walter: I am very sorry to report on an unacceptable situation yet again in Peaslake Road. Two residents have been seriously inconvenienced, and one has suffered serious business losses, due to the poor … Continue reading

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Understanding the FTTC upgrade

I (Walter) have been asked by a resident from The Street to provide a reminder of the current situation for Ewhurst residents in relatively simple terms. However this topic can be far from simple in many circumstances so if in … Continue reading

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How to do “Fibre To The Home”

Those interested in seeing how proper fibre to the home (FTTH or FTTP) can be done in rural communities might like to look at this short video. The B4RN project in rural Lancashire has been running as a formal entity … Continue reading

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BT Availability – FTTC Update

Report from Walter: This situation has now changed a little, although physical progress still seems rather slow.

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Can my connection be improved?

Please also read this excellent article: In principle, a poorly performing broadband connection can often be improved.

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Updated History of Ewhurst Broadband

by Walter Willcox Around 2004 I became aware of a number of users particularly around Pitch and Holmbury Hills that were either experiencing very poor broadband performance or who had no broadband signal. 

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Can I keep my existing modem?

No, ADSL modems will not work with FTTC

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Walter’s observations

There is a national government initiative to improve Broadband speeds across the UK. This was launched and backed by the culture minister – Jeremy Hunt MP. This initiative has been taken up by SCC and does not directly involve any … Continue reading

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Power outages in Ewhurst

From Walter: Many will be all too well aware of the loss of mains power during the recent storms. The picture below shows the automatic texts I receive on my iPhone from one of the better Service Providers for a broadband … Continue reading

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B4RN Project Takes Off

You may be interested to read about B4RN’s project launch in Lune Valley, Lancashire. Very sadly we in rural Surrey are nowhere near as advanced with a similar project which must be initiated in the very near future. Regards, Walter

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BT Infrastructure maintenance

Many are aware that there is no BT Universal Service obligation for any broadband product and that BT’s field staff use their best endeavours to improve poor performance. However many are all too painfully aware of the sub-standard line conditions:- … Continue reading

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Walter’s own exploration in Cumbria

If you have an hour to spend you can watch how I spent last Friday in Cumbria in a personal capacity. Here’s Lindsey’s blog on the subject. There are two projects being discussed;  The Lancastrian project, and Lindsey’s own project in Warcop. Lindsey hopes … Continue reading

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BT Network Upgrade

Hello everybody, A resident has pointed out that they have received an e-mail from BT about an upgrade to the BT Network. I expect this is what has been called 21st Century upgrade but seems to have been renamed since. … Continue reading

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(Fat) Pipe Dreams

The industry often talks of “fat Pipes” to the home as having an almost infinite broadband capacity and speed. This is not yet the case for domestic users anywhere around Surrey to my knowledge. However a reasonable speed is available for … Continue reading

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BDUK Pilots & Rural schemes stalled

Here are articles from The Daily Telegraph, ThinkBroadband and Computer weekly showing that many BDUK broadband projects are at least stalled. All the more reason to release the grant for our defined and approved ESHB project to proceed rapidly. Kind regards, Walter

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Little progress yet

As we have been rather silent here recently I thought we should let you know of our rather disappointing progress, even though we have been trying all the contacts we have to break the deadlock. Firstly a small positive point … Continue reading

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Cranleigh Exchange equipment upgrade

I am publishing a link below which describes the process Zen Internet customers are scheduled to undergo on 15 March 2011. This results in an interruption to your telephone and broadband service usually of about 15 minutes. Your modem should … Continue reading

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SCC Webcast

I was unpleasantly surprised by the simplistic report which formed a very small part of the SCC Webcast this evening. Here is the PDF of the paper which was presented. SCC March 11 – Broadband Update THE FOLLOWING LINK DOES … Continue reading

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Grant Delay Hits National Press

Many of you will probably have seen the excellent article in this week’s Surrey Advertiser. I thought you might like to know we appear to have gone National; at least in the technical press Computer Weekly. I must admit to a degree … Continue reading

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