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How is this possible? Why here?

Chris Box, Boxcom MD, found my Ewhurst Broadband web site last year when he was looking for opportunities to launch a new service in Surrey and Sussex. He saw that I had already established strong demand in the area. Many meetings … Continue reading

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Why register now?

It is important to let Box Broadband know your level of interest now for several reasons. The roll-out will be demand driven and routes will follow advance orders, to ensure the network is commercially viable and thus sustainable in the … Continue reading

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Links to Recent Questions and Answers

Why have you shown the wrong speed for my postcode? My friend says your article in the last “Ewhurst & Ellens Green News” was well worth a read, but I missed it; where can I get it? Is the SCC … Continue reading

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Is Ewhurst OK for High Speed Broadband?

This was a question posed to me recently, with another, much simpler: What is the location of BT boxes able to connect to high speed fibre? Is every location in Ewhurst OK for HIGH speed broadband? It’s still a very … Continue reading

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Contract Renewal

A couple of people have come to the end of their 18 month “BT Infinity” contracts recently, and asked whether they should switch ISP. BT’s reputation as an ADSL service provider was pretty poor, so I usually say “definitely”. But … Continue reading

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Why 15 Mbps?

According to the Superfast Surrey FAQ: Our Programme Contract states that we will be providing 94% of homes and businesses in our programme deployment area with download speeds of 15 mbps or above. 15 mbps is the minimum speed that … Continue reading

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Does WiFi limit the connection speed?

In many cases WiFi performance is now much more likely to be limiting your connection speed than it used to be. Have a look at this article, inspired by a recent Virgin Media campaign, to see if a few simple … Continue reading

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How far does FTTC reach?

In general, FTTC (VDSL) will extend the reach of broadband, because it effectively shortens the length of the connection by the distance between the street cabinet and the exchange (by at least 3km in Ewhurst). However, this does not help … Continue reading

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Which BT street cabinet am I using?

1st February 2013 update: The results page on the BT Wholesale Availability Checker at now includes the street cabinet number for the service concerned. 27th April 2012: Following the recent work on the BT ducts running through the village, the … Continue reading

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Breaking News Subscriptions

Any new information is often posted on this site first, or solely, as a “comment” to a recent article. I will only post a new “article” like this (or re-post an updated item) when there is substantive news which I feel should … Continue reading

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Are metallic cable lengths the key?

A retired local BT engineer recently contacted us with some useful background data, whilst he was helping to improve the connection speed for a business near Hindhead, and included the following points: Cranleigh exchange covers a larger area than most other exchanges … Continue reading

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Should I switch to FTTC “fibre” broadband?

If your download speed measured by the BT Wholesale speed test is below 15 Mbps then you should upgrade to an FTTC service, or please contact us if unsure. If your Internet connection is fast enough, reliable, and the charges are … Continue reading

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Which ISP for FTTC?

Please refer to our FTTC guide here and this excellent article from Mark Heath.

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Will BT replace the old & failing cables?

This question from Tony is typical: “Following a recent problem on my line, BT Openreach carried out work on the cable junction boxes in Wykehurst Lane. My line became operational again BUT the speed dropped from 2Mbps to just 1.4Mbps. … Continue reading

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Who can help me with broadband/IT?

If you are having problems with an existing broadband connection, your ISP will probably have provided some guidelines on what steps to take. Alternatively you can print off an online guide while your connection is working, so that you can refer … Continue reading

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How can I get “comments” by email?

Whilst we try to include as much as possible in the regular updates, it can be easy to miss out on the additional details and topical discussion added to the main items as “comments”. The “RSS” feature does allow one … Continue reading

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How can I comment on a news item?

At the bottom of each item, when viewed on the web site Home page, you should find a link for “Comments”. Click this to read any existing comments (or from an email update, click the title of the item or … Continue reading

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Will FTTC boost my ADSL connection?

No, the FTTC upgrade will not directly* improve the performance of existing (ADSL) broadband connections. These will continue to use only the copper cables all the way to Cranleigh exchange. To take advantage of FTTC your line needs to be … Continue reading

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Will broadband affect my house sale?

A recent survey suggests that the speed of the broadband connection to a property will affect it’s sale price and ease of sale; click here for details.

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Why did you email me?

You may be wondering why you are suddenly receiving emails from Ewhurst Community Broadband. We launched this service in early March 2012 due to many requests to be kept informed about broadband developments in this area. Rather than having to … Continue reading

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