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What can I do about Phishing?

At least one resident has recently fallen victim to a “phishing” email they received. Clicking on a plausible looking link apparently compromised their entire address book. Emails like this are often sent from your own contact addresses, so it looks … Continue reading

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When can I place an order for VDSL?

FTTC VDSL “fibre” services are now available to order in many parts of Ewhurst. Use the BT Wholesale availability checker to establish whether you can now place an order; if the paragraph about “WBC FTTC Broadband” starts with “Your cabinet … Continue reading

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What about Wireless?

Wireless broadband is often proposed as the solution for outlying properties, unable to get a decent ADSL or FTTC VDSL connection. Unfortunately for many in and around Ewhurst, not only are the phone lines long and “noisy”, but we are … Continue reading

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What will happen once FTTC is ready?

FTTC will become available at different times in different Ewhurst locations. This is because each street cabinet has to be individually upgraded, and normally a second cabinet must be installed nearby. Cranleigh exchange was FTTC enabled at the end of … Continue reading

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Which availability check should I use?

The BT Wholesale checker provides details of the services apparently available for your line from BT Wholesale via various service providers, including services expected soon. The FTTC section should give a speed estimate for most Ewhurst and Cranleigh telephone lines, … Continue reading

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What speed can I expect from FTTC?

Your FTTC (VDSL) connection speed will depend on the length and quality of the “twisted pair” (copper and/or aluminium wire) connecting you to whichever BT street cabinet services you.

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What does “superfast” broadband mean?

BDUK has defined Superfast Broadband as having a potential headline access speed of at least 20Mbps, with no upper limit. The communications regulator, Ofcom, says “Superfast broadband is generally taken to mean broadband products that provide a maximum download speed … Continue reading

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What is Surrey County Council doing?

Surrey County Council (SCC) want to achieve 100% “superfast broadband” coverage in Surrey by 2013*.

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What is the UK Government doing?

Not long ago, the government wanted everyone in the UK to have “superfast” broadband by 2015, but have now had to lower their sights. At present the government aims to ensure that 90% of “people in each local authority area” … Continue reading

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Can my connection be improved?

Please also read this excellent article: In principle, a poorly performing broadband connection can often be improved.

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Will I have to take the new service?

No, you should be able to continue using your existing broadband service if you wish,

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Can I keep my existing modem?

No, ADSL modems will not work with FTTC

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The guys over at thinkbroadband have answered this one really well for us; click here to find out. Excellent piece explaining the practical advantages of fibre over copper, and thus FTTP over FTTC. (Note the second half is aimed at … Continue reading

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How much will FTTC cost?

In March 2013, monthly charges for “fibre” broadband services using FTTC (Fibre To The Cabinet) start at around £16 plus line rental. Note that all FTTC services from the Cranleigh exchange use the BT Openreach network, but must be ordered from … Continue reading

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Will my email address change?

If you change your service provider (e.g. to benefit from a FTTC product) then you may have to change your email address.

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What is my connection speed?

Having browsed the site you may now be wondering whether you are getting the connection speed you are paying for.

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