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Status change for Openreach “FTTP on Demand” product

“FTTP on Demand” is now showing as “available” for all Ewhurst cabinets, and I expect for all Cranleigh cabinets which currently support FTTC. This was already the case for Oakwood Hill and many other exchanges. However, I have not heard … Continue reading

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Fibre Options for Ewhurst Communities

Openreach have contacted us to discuss their options for those still not satisfied with their broadband performance. Private FTTP (FTTH) The ideal, but expensive, solution is to run a fibre optic cable right to the premises. The Openreach variant of … Continue reading

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FTTP On Demand Launch

Openreach have announced that their new FTTP On Demand product will launch on 29th April 2013, although it is likely that ISPs will take some time to work out how they will market the product. The prices to be charged … Continue reading

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Outliers Position

I recently attended a broadband meeting chaired by Anne Milton MP, hoping to clarify the position of “outliers” in Surrey (those too far from their cabinet to get satisfactory service from FTTC). The meeting was mainly concerned with broadband service … Continue reading

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FTTP On Demand Launch On Track

BT Wholesale price lists now include FTTP on-demand products with effect from 18th March 2013, with early market deployment expected from the end of March 2013. However, the pricing specifics do not add much to previous indications. Read more at ThinkBroadband.

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BT on FTTP for Business

BT paper on the business need for FTTP

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FTTP On Demand Pricing

Openreach have now confirmed the rumoured price indication of £1,500 for an average “FTTP on demand” connection. This example includes £1,000 contribution towards the cost of running fibre optic cable for 500m, plus the £500 fixed installation fee. Once connected, stable download speeds … Continue reading

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BT Responds to Critical Local Article

Peter Cowen of BT denies accusations, published on pages 8 and 9 of the South East Business September edition, that BT deliberately scuppered the Ewhurst & Surrey Hills Broadband project last year. His letter, on page 7 of the South East … Continue reading

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Will BT replace the old & failing cables?

This question from Tony is typical: “Following a recent problem on my line, BT Openreach carried out work on the cable junction boxes in Wykehurst Lane. My line became operational again BUT the speed dropped from 2Mbps to just 1.4Mbps. … Continue reading

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FTTP from BT?

Andrew Ferguson of ThinkBroadband writes about FTTP on demand pilots. While Openreach is heavily criticised for its heavy focus on FTTC services, for those who must have full fibre (FTTP) there has been the promise of Fibre on Demand. Click … Continue reading

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FTTP on Demand for Ewhurst?

A BT press release on Friday further highlights the importance of the current FTTC upgrade in Cranleigh and Ewhurst. It announces plans to offer FTTP (Fibre To The Premises) broadband connections to anyone within reach of a FTTC enabled street … Continue reading

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