Exchange Upgrade Suspected

I had to reboot the routers for both our connections (Zen and O2) over the weekend. I suspect that this may have been due to further work required following the Cranleigh exchange upgrade last week. So if anyone is still having problems, please try powering your modem/router off and on before contacting your ISP. Apart from that, the Zen connection seems reasonably stable at the slightly higher speed provided by the new 21CN equipment, so far. Our O2 connection uses O2 equipment, so is not directly affected by this upgrade (our attempt at giving ourselves some fail-safe redundancy). I understand that connections provided by other suppliers using BT equipment should be migrated to the 21CN equipment over time. Posted by David

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  1. Top Print says:

    Broadband/phoneline fault – Oakalnds, Horsham Lane Monday 11th April
    Just to let others know that my phoneline suffered what sounded like a massive static attack on Monday morning 11th April, after which voice quality and broadband speed has been dreadful. The router shows syncing at 1.7Mb/0.4Mb but it can take 5 minutes to load a page. Just run a speedtest which confirms download is now only 0.16Mb/ upload 0.26Mb. Having typed in my postcode it shows someone nearer the Green also ran a speedtest yesterday with equally dire speeds which suggests it isn’t just me!
    Previously when this has happened (three times last year) it has been a physical joint which has failed. Now it just happens that Cycil was spotted making good the subsided verge opposite Parliament Farm at the weekend – it may be coincidence but it is right by the junction box in the road, after which I believe the cable is unducted so would be vunerable to disturbance – so I just wonder if the two are connected?
    The other possiblity is that BT openreach have been operating in the area – anyone spotted them?

  2. David Nye says:

    No problems on my office connection Andrew.

  3. Walter says:

    I have not observed any others being migrated to 21CN but BT Internet have sent a note to those in Barhatch Lane that their services are to be upgraded about in mid April.

    I assume any outages are being rapidly reported to the relevant ISPs ?

    Kind regards,

  4. David Nye says:

    I just tried to record my results on, but as before when I tried to use this service, it does not seem to work properly. Can you see my results?

  5. Top Print says:

    David – test results seem to take a day to show up on the ‘compare your area’ database so i will check tomorrow.
    The good news is that having reported it to Orange yesterday (scottish call centre=good service) I ran the which confirmed similaly dire speed 0.1/01Mps so he concluded a ‘Stuck Profile’ and was putting a request into BT to reset it.

    3pm this afternoon 14th something changed and so I ran a speed test which shot up to 1.2Mb/0.4Mb – a bit lower than normal but hey 10x faster so happy man! Poor chap on the Green shows BT as their ISP ran 3 test yesterday at similar rates to mine, so I will be interested to see if they are back to normal tomorrow.

  6. David Nye says:

    Thanks Andrew. You may have noticed that I suffered from the “stuck profile” a while back on my Zen connection. That’s one reason I recommended the O2 package to you; being unbundled means you don’t have the BT IP Profile to restrict your connection speed, and cannot get a stuck profile (which occurs following a temporary “noisy” period). But I’m still not finding the time to monitor our O2 connection, so it may well have different issues!

  7. David Nye says:

    Andrew, At what point did the audible line noise go back to normal following the incident on Monday, by the way? The IP Profile should only drop if it lasts some time, although in my case it seemed to be following periods of noise in the early hours for a few nights.

  8. Top Print says:

    Update: I think we can rule out the ‘stuck profile’… my children back from a cycle ride yesterday afternoon to tell me that they had seen 2 Openreach vans parked over the dreaded junction box in the road opposite Parliament Farm … much as I had initially suspected. Whether they were working on my line or were fixing someone elses and budged mine in the right direction who knows.

    All it shows is that FTTC is never going to cure the totally flaky cables down the Horsham Lane.

  9. David Nye says:

    I have just re-read about IP/bRAS profiles here – you may not have had a “stuck” profile as such. But it sounds like there was more than the usual delay in increasing your IP/bRAS profile following a decrease due to a brief deterioration in your line quality. Compare the table on this page with the percentage change in speed and the time of the static attack. In any case, the request to “release” the “stuck” profile would presumably have resulted in the IP profile being reset (in due course), so depending on your sync speed at this time, this would explain the subsequent improvement.

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