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A resident has pointed out that they have received an e-mail from BT about an upgrade to the BT Network. I expect this is what has been called 21st Century upgrade but seems to have been renamed since. The e-mail directs BT users to an explanatory web site:-

which does contain the useful instruction to power down the broadband modem and all computers; then wait for say 1 minute before restoring power first to the modem. If your broadband fails on 5th August 2011 this is the first thing to do. If you have to call BT Faults make sure you say immediately that the line was due for upgrade “today”.

There should be little cause for concern as BT Openreach have been practicing on a number of other broadband suppliers in the Cranleigh exchange such as Zen internet. However those with “difficult” broadband lines should ensure that they are still on ADSL and NOT on ADSL2+. This can be checked if you are able to see the mode details shown as G.DMT Annex A. If anybody is very concerned I am happy to pop round to check for you. Were Ewhurst residents nearer to the exchange they would receive a significant speed upgrade but at current line distances there will be very little change observed. The reasons for remaining on ADSL are described in this article.

which includes the following text:-

Zen Broadband – Regrading Your Connection
Aim of this article:
This article provides instructions for regrading your Zen broadband account.

ADSL2+ “up to 20Mbps” – important note regarding speeds:
If you have been moved to the 21CN Platform you will have the option to change to our new ADSL2+ “up to 20Mbps” services – however not all customers will see faster speeds and in some cases ADSL2+ can be slower or less stable than currents ADSL or “up to 8Mbps” services.

We recommend customers do not change to an “up to 20Mbps” service if:

Your current line speed is 6 Mbit/s or less on ADSL “up to 8Mbps” services.
You are more than 4km from your BT exchange.
You are not able to connect your Broadband equipment to a filter at the BT master socket. An illustration of this setup may be found here: Broadband Setup Guide
Factors affecting line speed:

Line length and line quality.
Internal wiring and interference this picks up.
ADSL2+ is more sensitive to interference than ADSL so a previously stable line may experience problems after a change.

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PS I’ve just heard from another resident in Wykehurst Lane that they are due for upgrade on 8th August 2011 so BT are obviously doing the work in batches. As far as I know BT are only tackling their own services and not those of other ISPs.

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