Major ADSL Service Outages

At least one Ewhurst business suffered intermittent connection problems last week, apparently due to faulty BT equipment. Here is the explanation from Zen:

We apologise for the interruptions you have been experiencing with your service. Recently your line has been involved in a couple major service outages caused by faulty BT equipment effecting broadband service nationwide for most providers.

The first set of problems occurred on Wednesday morning and resulted in a large number of customers loosing connection. During the restoration of this problem, connections where moved onto other equipment already in use.

This resulted in many customers experiencing slower connections than normal.

During these outages we have been working closely with BT to restore service as quickly as possible.

The most recent event happened at 8:39 this morning (Friday), again causing the same customers to lose connection. This has continued throughout the afternoon and BT have assured us this should be resolved within the next hour.


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