BT Infrastructure maintenance

Many are aware that there is no BT Universal Service obligation for any broadband product and that BT’s field staff use their best endeavours to improve poor performance. However many are all too painfully aware of the sub-standard line conditions:-

Horsham Lane – lower speeds and unreliability whenever the aluminium alloy cables starting opposite Parliament Farm are disturbed

Wykehurst Lane, Parts of Conyhurst Lane, Moon Hall Road, Peaslake Road and Ockley Road/Holmbury Road – noisy lines and resulting poor speeds many sub 1,000 Kbps.

More reasonable speeds to around half of the “up to 8 Mbps” are found in Plough Lane, Larkfield and Mapledrakes Road.

We understand the infrastructure shown below carries both telephone lines and fibre along Ockley and Holmbury Roads to the Mullard Space Centre Laboratory and those around Hurtwood House school. We have serious concerns as the bridge arch fills to the top when the stream is in spate which must then put an enormous vibrational load on the cables. According to a local resident this arrangement has existed since at least 1988 despite his repeated requests to BT to have the ducting replaced properly.

We too achieved nothing from BT Openreach but MSSL were informed “BT have been out to site and carried out remedial works to the ducting and they now believe that it is no longer a risk to the public or to the service, so have closed the fault.” MSSL are still very concerned as they are dependent on the fibre link which is likely to have a retail charge of circa £50,000 p.a.

Some may see this approach just as a negligent slapdash commercial expedient; others may observe it as quite disgraceful evidence of a deliberate dereliction of care with very serious medium term consequences for UK plc.

View from Cobbler’s Brook bridge on Ockley Road before “Repairs”

After “repairs”From ground levelClose up view

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  1. Walter says:

    We understand that at last the condition of the rotten iron pipe and the two cables are being addressed. A temporary “lash-up” has now been done so at least the pipe is well clear of the stream.

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