What will happen once FTTC is ready?

FTTC will become available at different times in different Ewhurst locations. This is because each street cabinet has to be individually upgraded, and normally a second cabinet must be installed nearby. Cranleigh exchange was FTTC enabled at the end of March 2012, on schedule. At the same time it appears that at least one cabinet in Cranleigh also went live, and the first Ewhurst cabinets followed suit in October 2012. You may receive marketing materials from the various service providers, but this will not guarantee that the service is available. On-line availability checkers can also be misleading (see FAQ entry on the subject of availability checkers). Most people should be able to place an order with their selected service providers once the service goes live at the cabinet. In many cases this will be shown by the availability checkers, otherwise check here for updates. Note that your choice of ISP may increase as time passes. Once a cabinet is live, BT Openreach will inform service providers such as TalkTalk, Plusnet, Zen and BT Retail, that orders can be placed for lines connected to that cabinet. The service providers should start to accept orders at this time, and it will then be useful to start using their own availability checkers. Order processing and lead times may vary between service providers. Please read our FTTC guide for further information and help with choosing a service.

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