When can I place an order for VDSL?

FTTC VDSL “fibre” services are now available to order in many parts of Ewhurst. Use the BT Wholesale availability checker to establish whether you can now place an order; if the paragraph about “WBC FTTC Broadband” starts with “Your cabinet is planned to have WBC FTTC by 31st December 2012″ then in our experience you will NOT yet be able to place an order for FTTC services. If this checker does not give a result for your line, then you can check with your own ISP, but only if they offer FTTC services (see their web site or the list here).

Please read our new FTTC guide here first.

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  1. Walter says:

    If you would like help ordering a new fibre based service anywhere in Cranleigh or other enabled cabinet areas please let me know. We shall also be posting experiences for any users we come across. Do please tell us of your adventures too.

    As BT deliberately hide the modem’s data, it is very important to record as much as you can from the installation engineer’s JDSU testing equipment. If you are in serious difficulties we do have a replacement unlocked modem and means to record continuous performance data. This type of information is crucial for all BT investigations. It also provides a reference set for comparison purposes over time. We have also heard reports that the new VDSL service can sometimes affect other existing ADSL services (usually slowing them down) so it is important that we all watch our performance statistics.

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