Can I keep my existing modem?

No, ADSL modems will not work with FTTC, as the new service uses a different technology known as VDSL 2+ (Very high bit rate Digital Subscriber Line). The FTTC VDSL service provided by BT Openreach (via your ISP) must use their standard approved modem (supplied by BT Openreach) together with a separate router box (so two power points will be required). The router model will vary, as different service providers provide different routers. It is important that the modem is located close to the modified master socket, but the router can be placed elsewhere by using a longer ethernet cable.
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  1. Walter says:

    There are two other points to note:-

    1. BT have quite deliberately locked down the modem to prevent the casual user from observing how bad, or good, their speeds and transmission statistics are. We do know how to disable the data lock which is essential if you wish to observe unreliability problems and intermittent faults. Once you have the data you can demonstrate quite conclusively to your service provider the difficulties you are experiencing. Whether they can, or will, take any remedial action is another matter. We do not recommend that you modify the router supplied by BT as it possibly contravenes the terms and conditions of your service. However it is usually possible to obtain an identical modem which has been “repaired” to provide the vital data. BT are the only supplier world-wide (that we are aware of) that adopt this short-sighted policy.

    2. We expect to have the newer Israeli broadband equipment installed in the FTTCs so the BT Openreach Huawei Echolife HG 612 modem will probably be replaced by the corresponding ECI model B-FOCuS V-2FUb/I Rev.B

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