What is Surrey County Council doing?

Surrey County Council (SCC) want to achieve 100% “superfast broadband” coverage in Surrey by 2013*. Surrey has been awarded around £1.3m by BDUK to support this aim**. In March 2012 the SCC team hope to name the private sector company that will fill the gaps left by BT’s plans***, but at present it remains unclear exactly what can be achieved, and by when. Anyone with an interest should read David Cooper’s paper on Superfast Broadband in Surrey. In addition to the links below, SCC have produced a useful FAQ which may answer more of your questions.

Surrey County Council invites bids to ensure Surrey has 100% superfast broadband coverage by 2013

** Background to the superfast broadband project

*** Surrey Ad report on broadband discussion during Waverley meeting in December

SCC Superfast Broadband in Surrey web site

All our items about the SCC project

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  1. Walter says:

    I heard an interesting comment from a Pitch Hill resident who enquired of SCC when a true Fibre-To-The-Home solution would be provided. The reply was that SCC were not involved with Ewhurst as BT were already providing the solution !

    Kind regards,

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