Why did you email me?

You may be wondering why you are suddenly receiving emails from Ewhurst Community Broadband. We launched this service in early March 2012 due to many requests to be kept informed about broadband developments in this area. Rather than having to spend more time writing a broadband newsletter, we found an existing email service which automatically checks for new posts on the web site and sends a “digest” to subscribers (maximum one per day when information is added to the site). Those of you who registered as supporters of the ESHB grant application were automatically subscribed, since we promised to keep you informed when you signed up. Anyone else who has recently asked us for information was also subscribed, and others are now regularly subscribing for themselves on the web site. If you prefer to use the RSS feeds instead, or to check for new content on the web site yourself, or are no longer interested, then please simply click the “unsubscribe” link at the bottom of each email.

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