Cabinet 19 Status

The additional cabinet was installed near the top of Cranleigh Road in December 2011, and engineers were observed completing the fibre connections to the cabinet on 19th May 2012. FTTC services were finally made available from 12th October 2012; the main cause of delay appears to have been the extensive work needed to run the new fibre optic cables from central Cranleigh. Availability was suspended from around 08/01/13 to 14/01/13, and again from around 06/03/13 to 07/05/13, probably while additional capacity was added. Please read the comments under this post for the full story. For information on checking availability and ordering the upgrade please see our FTTC Guide here.

No planning application was required for this new cabinet.

Cabinet 19 coverage

Status and coverage for other Ewhurst cabinets

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  1. Walter says:

    During our feasibility study we estimated that there are approximately 348 houses with 587 working pairs connected to cabinet 19. Less than one third of those subscribers will be able to obtain a FTTC service from the new cabinet unless and until BT increase the capacity. We also note that there is unlikely to be sufficient space within the existing duct for another pair of link cables, although it would be possible to re-excavate the trench and add a second duct. However, as cabinet 19 covers the better performing central Ewhurst area only, there are likely to be a reasonable number who will initially opt to continue with their existing service, rather than make the move to the new VDSL (FTTC) service.

  2. Walter says:

    1. The work today in Bookhurst road just before the 30 mph sign was to replace a faulty length of an E (Exchange) side 500 pr copper cable which is apparently faulty. Unfortunately there is a stream running though the pit, so the work will probably be postponed.

    2. Although the fibre tube can be seen in the above pit, it is unlikely that any fibre has yet been blown from Cranleigh.

  3. David Nye says:

    It seems likely that the work to replace the faulty 500 pair cable has now been completed. We hope that this will improve the performance of some existing connections.

    A BT representative reports that they plan to “blow” the fibre to cabinet 19 as soon as possible, and that this should not be delayed by the issues with other cabinets.

  4. Walter says:

    I observed that BT’s contractors have now installed the (final) telemetry cable {19 May 2012} and that a single fibre bundle with four fibres is also connected. This cabinet was started in December 2011, but then obviously postponed. The FTTC only has a capacity for 100 services but the green cabinet 19 has over 500 working telephone lines connected.

    ASSUMING THAT THERE IS A CONTINUOUS FIBRE BUNDLE ALL THE WAY BACK TO THE CRANLEIGH EXCHANGE – we might expect that, at long last, the first cabinet will be enabled very shortly now. I will continue to monitor the availability checker.

    {Cabinets 18 and 20 aren’t even installed and there’s no evidence at all of cabinet 6 yet.}

  5. David Nye says:

    BT on Tuesday 3rd July 2012 terminated the Ewhurst end of their fibre cable from the Cranleigh exchange. We believe that the 240 * 12 fibre cable has now been joined to a 7 bundle one which in turn is connected to the first quad tube cable going to the Cabinet 19 FTTC. We also note the quad tube fibres are terminated into the FTTC already.

    The less good news is that there are still substantial duct blockages on the Ewhurst Road in Cranleigh which probably require significant excavation and repair. Consequently the Ewhurst fibre stops outside the Cranleigh show ground at present.

    Once the whole fibre cable is complete and connected to the exchange equipment, those that are serviced through Cabinet 19 will be able to place orders for a FTTC VDSL service.

  6. Walter says:

    We note that there seems some significant confusion in BT’s roadworks planning. Work involved for the new ducts and fibre run from the Showground down to Nuthurst Avenue past the roundabout was scheduled for December but was mostly completed last week. However a new notice with identical wording has been added including two way traffic lights:-
    Bookhurst Road, Cranleigh, Surrey
    Works Start:03 Sep End:14 Sep
    Medium impact, delays possible
    Location: Fm jcn of WANBOROUGH LANE to opp Springfields, BOOKHURST ROAD…
    Current status: Advanced planning
    Traffic lights, etc: Traffic control (two-way signals)

    We believe the actual works are likely to be the road crossings to complete the duct connections, one of which must surely require three way lights. If indeed these works are completed during this period and the sub duct and fibre bundle then installed there is still a chance that Cabinet 19 at least will be ready for service before BT’s announced “Planned date” of 30 September.

  7. Walter says:

    The works might restart from tomorrow:-
    Fm jcn of WANBOROUGH LANE to opp Springfields, BOOKHURST ROAD
    Description:Install 118m of 1 way poly duct in Footway,Install 12m of 1 way poly duct in Footway,Install 12m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Install 22m of 1 way poly duct in Carriageway
    Traffic management:TWO-WAY SIGNALS

  8. Walter says:

    You will no doubt be very relieved to know that the first 64 consumers wanting a connection to cabinet 19, at long last – 10 months after starting, seem to be able to order a service via their chosen ISP**. Another 36 consumers can follow once a second line card is inserted at the FTTC, but that is the full limit of the cabled capacity for each cabinet. Installation time can and does vary presumably dependent upon Openreach staff work load. Another delay hazard has sometimes been observed as the line isn’t always fully tested before the installation day. If found faulty the installation has to be postponed whilst the end user agrees a repair visit via their current provider.

    **If you are taking the opportunity to change providers, as you must if your existing provider doesn’t offer VDSL services, you should start by obtaining a MAC (Migration Authorisation Code) BEFORE you order the new VDSL service.

    Here’s the picture Cabinet 19 ONLY services now see:-

    It remains to be seen if the speed estimate is provided in practice, assuming the end users are prepared to pay the premium charges.

  9. Walter says:

    I have just heard of one order which has been placed with a site visit booked 18 days hence on 30 October 2012.

  10. David Nye says:

    This is fantastic news, thank you for monitoring the situation so closely and keeping us informed Walter. I have now updated the Cabinet 19 status page and this should be automatically sent out to all subscibers tonight.

  11. David Nye says:

    I have checked that several ISP availability checkers are also showing that cabinet 19 lines are now able to get FTTC services. For example, put your phone number in Zen’s “Check Your Speed” box to confirm availability, estimate speed and see their prices at:
    (Zen provide my office connection and have skilled and friendly UK based service staff.)

  12. Walter says:

    Today AT VERY LONG LAST three BT Openreach engineers have made the first VDSL service active in Cranleigh Road. As it is the lower cost option it is capped at 38 Mbps downstream and 10 Mbps upstream. Given the short line distance to the cabinet, it’s not surprising that the speeds obtained are adequate. of far more interest will be those further away, perhaps down at Slythurst and the far end of Mapledrakes Road. The other two cabinets have far more difficulties due to the length and quality of the lines. We shall be monitoring the modem’s performance over the coming weeks and will report upon our findings in due course.

  13. Walter says:

    We now see that Cabinet 19 has reached 100% of its installed capacity. Whether this requires the extensive remedial works similar to those required at the Bulls Head remains to be seen. The BT Wholesale checker invites orders after 12 March 2013 so that suggests an installation date towards the end of March.

  14. David Nye says:

    Walter reports that FTTC is no longer showing an availability date, presumably because the work to increase capacity is now behind schedule and someone needs to work out a new availability date. Link to Walter’s report.

  15. Walter says:

    A new RFS date of 26 March is now provided. Perhaps this suggests that Cabinet 19′s FTTC only requires the second line card to provide a further 36 services ?

  16. Walter says:

    Now that March 26 has arrived the VDSL availability checker is showing that services can be ordered again.

  17. David Nye says:

    We do not know anyone who was waiting to order FTTC from cabinet 19, so cannot confirm whether it is actually accepting orders again yet.

  18. Walter says:

    VERY sadly we can now confirm that the BT Wholesale estimator for cabinet 19 was in error as that date has been postponed to 9 April 2013 (and Cabinet 20 no longer has ANY VDSL service date).

  19. Walter says:

    Now that 9 April has arrived we note that Cabinet 19 is no longer provided with any VDSL Estimate at all. This seems to be repeating the pantomime that happened with Cabinet 20. IF so VDSL services will re-appear at some point in the future.

  20. Walter says:

    Perhaps there is some encouraging news re cabinet 19 as, at long last, our pleas from early 2012 seem to have been acknowledged. It seems as if BT are to undertake the remedial work (and dig up the pavement yet again) to install a second set of ducts into the FTTC to accommodate the additional tie cables required to expand the capacity to at least 200 services. (N.B. There is no sign yet of similar works for cabinet 20 which is still in the same predicament, assuming there is insufficient room in the sigle duct installed and the the original rather crowded duct.)

    Which states:-

    Cranleigh Road, Ewhurst, Cranleigh, Surrey
    Works Start: 11 Apr
    End: 15 Apr

    Low impact, delays unlikely
    Description : Install 7m of 1 way poly duct in Footway…
    Current status: Advanced planning
    Traffic lights, etc: None/signing only
    Queries should be addressed to BT quoting reference BC005WP00100500107611000
    Work info last modified 11:21 on 08/04/2013
    Last updated on 18:38 on 09/04/2013
    Data source Surrey County Council

  21. Walter says:

    Today VDSL services are available for order again on 16 April 2013, but this should be confirmed by anybody doing so on that date.

  22. Walter says:

    Just so everyone is aware, BT have announced they require access to a joint pit near the garage opposite Knock Cottages and will be deploying traffic lights on Tues and Wednesday 16 & 17 April.

    “Access required to Underground BT structure to restore service – No structural changes – Highway will be unaffected. Work being carried out on existing BT Plant.”

    BT have not disclosed the nature of the services to be “restored” nor whether these works might affect subscribers on Cabinet 19 (or 20) or whether they are working on perhaps a fibre cable there.

  23. Walter says:

    As the 16 April has arrived the BT Wholesale checker no longer reports VDSL services are available for order. However if this follows the earlier pattern for Cabinet 20 it may become available again before too long. There has clearly been some excavation near the FTTC which is likely to be preparatory work for the installation of further tie cables.

  24. Walter says:

    Cabinet 19 RFS date has been postponed to 23 April as of this morning 17 April.

  25. Walter says:

    As it is now April 23 the BT Wholesale ADSL checker no longer reports VDSL services are available for order. (Comments from 16 April above still seem to apply.

  26. Walter says:

    Cabinet 19 RFS date has been postponed to 7 May as of this morning 24 April.

  27. Walter says:

    I noted yesterday (but had not checked earlier) that cabinet 19′s RFS date has been postponed yet again this time to 15 May 2013.

  28. Walter says:

    I must apologise as I had omitted to check the estimator again this morning before posting the note above.
    Today (09:30 Sun 5 May 2013) VDSL services are no longer available for cabinet 19.

  29. Walter says:

    Just to confirm Cabinet 19 is still showing no new services available today 6 May 2013.

    For the curious, anybody already with a VDSL service, the estimator assumes you couldn’t possibly want another one so it will show that your VDSL service is still available, perhaps so you could change your ISP ?

    However those on BT’s most un-favourite “competitor” – TalkTalk continue to have no data available even though there must be the identical data within the FTTC.

  30. Walter says:

    I am pleased to report that this morning Cabinet 19 appears to have VDSL “Fibre” services available for order.

    I do not know if anybody has yet succeeded in ordering such a service though.

  31. Walter says:

    Here is yet another tale of the preposterous debacle that hapless users have to endure just to attempt to get the service they are paying for. This one is in the central village area not too far from the Church and is connected to cabinet 19. Perhaps BT think they are connecting to Outer Mongolia but in fact the D (istribution) line length is only around 840 m from the Fibre Cabinet. The on-hook line noise resembles the sound that “Senior Citizens” might remember of the centre of a 78 RPM record left to grind away endlessly. Consequently the service has the characteristic capped sync speed of 15 Mbps. Yesterday (Friday) we jumped through all the hoops talking to India for about an hour and eventually, after strong complaints, we are told that the UK BT Networks department will take 4 hours to determine if a fault worth investigating exists. We will definitely be contacted by 17:00 Hrs. Surprise surprise !!! No such call is received so at 07:30 on Saturday we examine the fault record to discover that BT have done almost nothing and still believe the fault is in the exchange – even though the broadband connection is only on the horrible twisted pair wires as far as Gransden Close. We were also told by India that VDSL services are unaffected by telephone wires as it is a fibre connection ! Oh how we wish it were !! We restart the pantomime only to discover that India must abide by their rules and go through the whole preposterous procedures all over AGAIN. We have now reached the first point of success in that we only have to wait until next THURSDAY before a site engineer might turn up. We have also told BT that the pole is classified as dangerous to climb (with a red D emblem nailed to it) so it is imperative that the engineer must have the cherry picker all the way from Bracknell so he can inspect the Distribution Point connections at the pole top. We wonder what chances there are of the cherry picker and the engineer both arriving on Thursday and that they actually manage to repair the substandard twisted pairs. Assuming they do strain every muscle to do so at the pole top, and possibly every joint all the way to Gransden Close, all we then must wait for is the BT Control department to reset the DLM (Dynamic Line Management system) for this line. At that time the DLM starts the 14 day retraining period so we await in eager anticipation for the news of the line’s performance thereafter.

    On that subject we are delighted to report that the similar situation in Larkfield remains in a blissful state of harmony as the sync speed remains at 51.31 Mbps instead of 15 Mbps. The less exciting news is that there is now another FTTC service in Wykehurst Lane screaming along at 1.34 Mbps.

    Just to finish on a state of euphoria we are delighted to report that a Moon Hall Road resident might be in severe danger of having a FTTC installation on Thursday 13 June. We think this might be a record for Ewhurst as it was only ordered around 2nd December 2012.

  32. Walter says:

    As BT continue to ignore VDSL take-up forecasting, it is unsurprising that Cabinet 19 has now** lost availability for new VDSL services. We sincerely hope that, as there are two sets of 100 pr tie cables installed at PCP 19, there will not be a repeat of the 81 day delay we observed at Cabinet 20. BT have now had the practice of upgrading an ECI 128 FTTC too, so there should be no surprises either.

    ** Cabinet 19 VDSL Service was last known to be available still on 4 November 2013

    However I doubt if this opportunity will be taken to make the excavations etc. necessary to introduce the final 50 pr tie cable set for PCP 19. Similarly Cabinet 18 ought to have FTTC Expansion and also new ducting between ( at least) the FTTC joint pit by the phone box and the road covers in front of PCP 18. Again BT does not seem to anticipate these situations so we fully expect that there will be significant delays once the Cabinet 18 take-up figure reaches 100 VDSL services. The total capacity of PCP 18 is smaller than the other two and has quite a number of very long and poor lines so VDSL take up is expected to be slower than at the other two cabinets.

    Once all these operations are complete BT will have reached just over half the capacity we specified in our original SEEDA grant-approved Vtesse Networks project that BT destroyed. However the lack of a full fibre backbone (and possibly mains power back-up battery capacity) are still very serious causes of concern. Unless and until a full fibre distribution system is in place for the entire area, all the outliers continue to suffer with at least 68 properties not offered any VDSL service at all, nor even a modern lower performance substitute, and many more have unacceptable substandard performance difficulties.

  33. Walter says:

    Today, 12 November 2013, we observe that anyone wishing to obtain a Cabinet 19 VDSL service must wait for at least month as a date of 11 December is now announced but this excludes the ordering delay.

    It should be noted that BT sometimes provide VDSL services again well ahead of their estimates and sometimes they are significantly delayed. Any further delay would probably extend the wait into 2014.

  34. Walter says:

    Today, 15 November Cabinet 19 is seemingly available for VDSL services again. It is not known why this has happened so rapidly.

  35. Walter says:

    I’m pleased to say that a dangerous pole near the rectory has been replaced today without warning. However the staff were kind enough to provide a temporary connection for the closest house connecting them again to Cabinet 19. Even better is the fact that the 15 Mbps download cap has been increased to 25 Mbps, perhaps because the wires have, at long last, been re-crimped. Last year we had a prolonged battle with BT to repair the line and succeeded in getting the sync speed up to a heady 34.53 Mbps, but it didn’t last.

    There are others across the road, at an almost identical line length, now achieving almost the maximum at 38.72 Mbps after their underground cable was replaced. So much for the excuse that the line is too long !

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