What is my connection speed?

Having browsed the site you may now be wondering whether you are getting the connection speed you are paying for. A typical broadband service provides “up to 8Mbps”, but most connections in the Ewhurst area achieve well under the minimum of 2Mbps considered acceptable by the government; around 0.5Mbps is common outside the village centre. So how can you check? Be aware that many of the speeds you might see on your screen are likely to be misleading for various technical reasons. We suggest the following speed tests which, to date, have consistently given reasonable results. Different test methods will give slightly different results, so if you need to compare results as accurately as possible then it is best to use the same test page each time.

  1. BBC download speed test (just one click; use this when completing the SCC surveys, download speed only)
  2. thinkbroadband speed test (easy to use & reliable)
  3. BT speed tester (slightly trickier & restricted service*)
  4. isposure (Windows only, installs agent then checks speed daily, excellent for monitoring changes over time)
  5. Speedtest.net (easy one click test; widely used by engineers)

Do run the test on several occasions, at different times of day and over a few days, since the speed often varies. Once you have found your typical speed using one or more of these tests, then please let us know the results (ideally take a screen shot) together with your location.

*Note that the BT speed tester is also one way to get your IP profile but not for unbundled services. Click here for further information.

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  1. David Nye says:

    One of our lines is now “unbundled” with O2. The “IP profile” is not applicable on this connection, so speed here is simply the connection/sync speed less overheads (typically 80%). In this case just under 1Mbps, but I have not yet attempted to “optimise” this connection; that is the speed “out of the box”. The actual switch over (from an old TalkTalk service) went very smoothly, the new connection came up first time with no problems to date (touch wood!)

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