Which BT street cabinet am I using?

1st February 2013 update: The results page on the BT Wholesale Availability Checker at www.dslchecker.bt.com/adsl/adslchecker.welcome now includes the street cabinet number for the service concerned.

27th April 2012: Following the recent work on the BT ducts running through the village, the question of which cabinet a particular phone line is connected to has been raised. There are four green BT street cabinets serving Ewhurst addresses. It seems quite likely that these will be upgraded to support fibre optic (FTTC) services at different times, so residents and businesses may wish to monitor the progress of their own cabinet. The cabinets are listed below, with a summary of the roads covered, and a link to a specific status page for each cabinet. The status pages include more detailed coverage by postcode. Note that some postcodes are split between two cabinets, and a few properties may not be connected to the cabinet shown as servicing their postcode.

Fresh hole just uphill from the car park entrance 27/04/2012

Cabinet 6: Located at the bottom of Bookhurst Hill near the triangle, serving Bookhurst Road up to Canfold cottages, Barhatch Lane up to and beyond Horseblock Hollow and part of The Warren, and some others. Click here for status and postcodes covered.

Cabinet 18: Located on The Green by Plough Lane, serving the southern part of The Green, Plough Lane, Lower Breache Road, Horsham Lane down as far as the car “breakers” yard and Somersbury Lane. Click here for status and postcodes covered.

Cabinet 19: Located near the top of Cranleigh Road, serving from here up, nearly half of The Street, Gadbridge Lane, Mapledrakes Road etc. Click here for status and postcodes covered.

Cabinet 20: Located near The Bulls Head, serving the northern end of the village, Wykehurst Lane, Ockley Road, Holmbury Road, parts of Holmbury Hill and Radnor Roads, Shere Road, Coneyhurst Lane out to High Canfold Farm, Ride Way, part of The Warren, Moon Hall Road and Peaslake Road up to the Duke of Kent School. Click here for status and postcodes covered.

Some properties are not connected to the closest cabinet. For best broadband performance, you should have the shortest possible length of twisted pair copper/aluminium cable in the circuit. It is advisable to check this before ordering an FTTC service. If unsure, please contact us and, if you have not already subscribed, click here to be added to our mailing list for news and updates.

Cabinet status pages (and others) may be bookmarked for future reference. Subscribing to updates by email should ensure that you are automatically notified of significant updates to the main text, but will not alert you to new comments on the page. You can subscribe to comment notifications by email or by using the RSS feed (the latter requires either your web browser to automatically handle RSS, or the use of a separate RSS reader).

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3 Responses to Which BT street cabinet am I using?

  1. David Nye says:

    Andrew reports that yesterday evening there were 3 Openreach lorries and traffic lights as you come into Ewhurst from Cranleigh. They had a big roll of cable or duct which was being fed through. Can anyone have a word, if they are still there, and find out what they are doing? Thanks.

  2. Walter says:

    I believe this to be the 500 pr cable that I reported on the Cabinet 19 status article which I expect still has to be completed. Once fitted, it should improve the quality and number of phone lines back to the exchange so MIGHT improve existing internet connections. It SHOULD have no effect on the new FTTC services.

  3. David Nye says:

    They were there again last night, but I was unable to stop or look properly. The roll of cable/pipe looked about 30mm diameter to me. I’m relieved that BT Openreach appear to be doing something to fix our existing metallic infrastructure at last, in addition to the FTTC work. Let’s keep up the pressure to fix the remaining faults and replace all the corroding aluminium cable with fibre as soon as possible.

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