Cabinet 6 Status

It appears that some FTTC services have now been activated for lines connected to PCP cabinet 6, but not for the Ewhurst premises in Barhatch Lane we know about. Please let us know if you are able to order “fibre” broadband from cabinet 6 at a Ewhurst address. This is the last cabinet serving Ewhurst premises to be enabled. For information on checking availability and ordering the upgrade please see our FTTC Guide here. Please click here for Walter’s full report.

The new FTTC cabinet was finally installed at Parkhouse Green beside PCP 6 on 10th October. Please see the comments under this post here for further information. Cabinet 6 serves parts of Ewhurst, but is located in Cranleigh on Bookhurst Road (at the bottom of Bookhurst Hill, near the triangle). According to Harlequin (BT’s agent) the works required BT to obtain a way-leave from the land owner, causing much of the delay.

Service area summary: Bookhurst Road up to Canfold cottages, Barhatch Lane up to and beyond Horseblock Hollow and part of The Warren, and some others.

Cabinet 6 coverage by postcode

Ewhurst-Cranleigh Fibre Optic Link Status

Cabinet 18 status page

Cabinet 19 status page

Cabinet 20 status page

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15 Responses to Cabinet 6 Status

  1. David Nye says:

    We are told that cabinet 6 has now been identified as being in an “AGLV rather than AONB”, and confusion over this caused a delay. I assume this relates to the dispute over the (planning) fee, but it has proved impossible to get a clear explanation from either party.

  2. Walter says:

    I believe that statement to be inaccurate as the shaded area falls well outside the triangle. The AGLV area finishes to the north of Barhatch Poultry Farm and to the East of the Cranleigh Show Ground.

    To see a map picture go to:-

    Click on the green “View the interactive ….
    Select the post code option from the left hand menu and enter e.g. GU6 7DJ
    Then select “Environment, Housing & Planning” from the right hand menu, adjust the zoom value until there is no red cross against Areas of Great Landscape Value and tick the box.

    Finally refresh the map from the top right hand button.
    Your perseverance will be rewarded with a map showing the cross-hatched area bounded by a blue line.

  3. David Nye says:

    It now appears that we have been misled by the confusing information obtained from Mike Turner’s BT contact. I called the Harlequin planners today, and they confirmed that PCP/cabinet 6 is not in any protected area, but the works will involve crossing private land. This means that BT need to negotiate a way-leave with the landowner. There is no knowing how long this will take, or if agreement will even be possible within the budget assigned by BT to that cabinet.

  4. David Nye says:

    Apparently extensive works in the vicinity of cabinet 6 are planned for 2nd to 15th August. Other BT work in the area is currently in progress, with further works planned from mid October. We hope that this indicates the wayleave issue is resolved.

  5. Walter says:

    Although it seems that the Elgin web site is not always an accurate reflection of work being executed, as we observed with the Bookhurst road works dated December 2012 but already just completed, I am concerned that the cabinet 6 NGA works, due to be completed in parallel with Cabinet 18 as illustrated below, has now vanished from the Elgin site. I.e. perhaps cabinet 6 is not after all to be provided with a FTTC yet. However I understand there was a clear statement from our BT contact Colin, but without any date being given by him.

    Works Start: 08 Aug
    End: 21 Aug

    Low impact, delays unlikely
    Current status: Work in progress
    Traffic lights, etc: None/signing only
    Queries should be addressed to BT quoting reference BC005WP00100500074454000
    Work info last modified 13:40 on 08/08/2012
    Last updated on 18:38 on 16/08

  6. Walter says:

    It seems that further works in Bookhurst Road are likely between 3rd to 14 th September which will hopefully bring the date for lighting Ewhurst’s fibre a little closer. Note the words are similar to those earlier ones that have been mainly completed already.

    There is still no sign of any Cabinet 6 works but we have had a report that it is still subject to further discussions. Perhaps this is part of the SCC project now ?

    The report below has been extracted from


    From 03 September 2012 to 14 September 2012

    Organisation: British Telecommunications plc
    Scale of works: STANDARD
    Site location: ,,Fm jcn of WANBOROUGH LANE to opp Springfields, BOOKHURST ROAD
    Location: BOOKHURST ROAD
    Description Install 118m of 1 way poly duct in Footway,Install 12m of 1 way poly duct in Footway,Install 12m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,Install 22m of 1 way poly duct in Carriageway
    Traffic management TWO-WAY SIGNALS

  7. David Nye says:

    Walter thinks that this roadworks alert may refer to the installation of FTTC for cabinet 6 at last:
    From 05 October 2012 to 09 October 2012
    Organisation: British Telecommunications plc
    Scale of works: MINOR
    Site location: nga manage service OUTSIDE BEAULY BOOKHURST ROAD ON BARHATCH ROAD
    Location: BARHATCH ROAD
    Description Install 5m of 1 way poly duct in Verge,
    Provide 1 Cabinet and base (NGA cabinets)
    Traffic management NONE / SIGNING ONLY

  8. Walter says:

    At last one mystery is solved in that a new ECI FTTCabinet is now installed at Parkhouse Green beside PCP 6.

    Link to photo:

    However we have yet to resolve why all houses, that we’re aware of, from the stream under Barhatch Lane upwards are condemned by the BT Wholesale VDSL checker giving totally unacceptable up and download speed values of only 100 Kbps. This seems strange when we know some achieve just over 2 Mbps download now. (This contrasts with others elsewhere that estimate e.g. 12 Mbps download with a current download throughput speed of only 0.6 Mbps )

    As well as the FTTC cabling works on Parkhouse green we expect to see a new fibre tube being pulled from the fibre distribution node at Nuthurst Avenue in due course.

  9. David Nye says:

    Hooray! Thanks for the update Walter! Remember that BT have said that the estimator gives spurious results in some cases until FTTC has been activated at the cabinet, so I would not read too much into those results at the moment.

  10. Walter says:

    Perhaps so David, But elsewhere only the odd connection is “condemned” rather than everybody.
    It is unfortunate that we are all in unknown and undocumented territory with these estimates. Although it could well be that the estimates might be changed by some happenstance, there are other known cases in Cranleigh where e.g. the estimator still gives the original 36 Mbps download, the “Discovery Phase” rates are 28,128 Kbps down and 6194 Kbps up, the Medley (Final) phase rates give 25,953 Kbps down and 6116 Kbps up, and the throughput speed tests produce figures around 22 Mbps down.

    It is difficult to see how such an exceedingly poor figure as 100 Kbps, even if it was adjusted to some extent, could possibly be used by any Communications Provider as a realistic value to even offer a VDSL service.

  11. David Nye says:

    Andrew saw BT vans and men wiring up the fibre cabinet 6 opposite Park Mead/Barhatch yesterday.

  12. Walter says:

    Despite the fine words from Messrs Lyth and Turner we are still no nearer an explanation for the estimate failures of ALL LINES that we’re aware of from the stream in Barhatch Lane upwards connected to cabinet 6 and as illustrated with this example from one of Mike Turner’s relations by marriage on the first rise. This line is currently achieving a throughput speed of just over 3 Mbps down and 0.45 Mbps up yet you will see the VDSL estimate is a preposterous (and quite unacceptable) 100 Kilo bits per second up and down.

    Unless and until we have an explanation, or a published remedy, we sadly must conclude that all those residents will be unable to achieve any realistic fibre broadband connection. There was an earlier rumour that BT had another solution pending but nothing has been observed yet.

    I have accepted Alan Young’s invitation of 16 October 2012 as detailed below.


    You may be interested to know that, in today’s Council meeting, I formally asked the Leader of Surrey County Council why he had not yet been able to resolve the EU state aid issue in connection with the County’s Superfast Broadband project. He hinted that we may soon hear some positive news on this front and I shall let you know as soon as we do.

    The point of asking this question was to put down a marker of Ewhurst’s interest in the success of this project. Once the state aid hurdle is cleared, I would suggest I arrange a meeting for us with BT and Peter Martin (the deputy leader of the council who is in overall charge of the broadband project) to better understand how they are proposing to ensure universal coverage in Ewhurst.

    Would this be of interest to you?

    Kind regards


    Alan Young

  13. David Nye says:

    I saw engineers working in the FTTC cabinet 6 this afternoon.

  14. David Nye says:

    Walter says that the power cable has now been connected to the new FTTC cabinet at PCP 6, but the fans are silent, so it has not yet been commissioned.

  15. Walter says:

    There are some reports that cabinet 6 is now enabled for VDSL services.

    However that hasn’t changed much for the unfortunates as we had already deduced that the whole of Barhatch Lane and beyond are not being provided with any VDSL services at all. I am still not aware of any definitive statements from BT offering any upgraded services in that area.

    If it weren’t so serious for those people one might just call this a total farce when attempting to glean any useful information from the BT Wholesale checkers.

    On 12th December a Barhatch Lane phone number gave the expected nonsense text “Your cabinet is planned to have WBC FTTC by 31st December 2012 …. consumers have received downstream line speed of 100 Kbps and upstream line speed of 100 Kbps. Today (14 December) that whole paragraph has been omitted so we deduce that BT are not offering any enhanced services at all. However if you enter the Barhatch postcode GU6 7NH in that checker you are informed that the cabinet is still planned for 31st December but the line speeds are estimated 0.1 to 62.7 Mbps down and 0.8 to 20 mbps up. If you enter a phone number for a GU6 7JD postcode, purportedly also serviced from PCP 6, you now get a successful response, in this case of 36.1 down and 6.1 up, indicating that the cabinet itself is now enabled.

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