Parish Council rejects BT position

Ewhurst Parish Council joined the list of 12 objectors to the location for cabinet 20, following their meeting last Thursday. The formal response included the following comments.

The PC strongly objects to the siting of this new equipment cabinet. Whilst the PC stress the fact that they would not question the principle for such a cabinet, it is the exact location which is of concern.

This is a conservation area… The siting is totally unacceptable; outside Grade 2* Listed properties.

The photo-montage is highly misleading. … in reality the cabinet would be the full height of the yew hedge… Misinformation of fundamental data is a grave concern.

… poorly thought through proposals are unacceptable. The proposed siting is totally unsuitable.

Two residents have joined the Parish Council in supporting the urgent need to install a new cabinet in the general vicinity (to enable faster broadband connections in that end of the village and the hills to the north) but there has been no support for the precise location specified in the plans. Click here for comments on the original story, here for the latest updates and comments on this cabinet, and here to see all responses to the application and the detailed plans (then click the [Plans and Documents] button).

Diane James has been efficient in meeting her responsibilities as Waverley Borough Councillor for Ewhurst. Diane spoke to the cottage owner right away, and has advised on the correct procedure for objections. She is now actively following the matter up with the Waverley Planning Officer to minimise the chance that the plans somehow get approved without amendment of the cabinet’s location.

Informal feedback from BT has indicated that a more appropriate location is now being looked into by a senior project manager. The source also suggests that they plan to “blow” the fibre to cabinet 19 as soon as possible, and that this should not necessarily be delayed by the issues with cabinets 6 and 20. Work on cabinet 6 may still be waiting for approval from the local authority, following the query over a fee.

It seems that the work to replace the faulty 500 pair cable in Cranleigh Road has now been completed. We hope that this will improve the performance of some existing connections. If you have noticed a significant improvement in the last couple of weeks, please do get in touch. There was a brief interruption to some services around lunch time last Saturday, so this may have been when the lines were switched to the new cable.



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3 Responses to Parish Council rejects BT position

  1. Walter says:

    Perhaps we should emphasise that the EPC … (do) “not question the principal for such a cabinet, it is the exact location which is of concern.”

  2. Walter says:

    We have had a report that Waverley are aware that BT have withdrawn their planning application for cabinet 20 but the Waverley Planing web site does not yet reflect that news.

  3. Walter says:

    Waverley have now confirmed that the planning application has been stopped.

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