FTTP from BT?

Andrew Ferguson of ThinkBroadband writes about FTTP on demand pilots.

While Openreach is heavily criticised for its heavy focus on FTTC services, for those who must have full fibre (FTTP) there has been the promise of Fibre on Demand.

Click here to read the BT press release

Unfortunately for potential business users, this will not be a “symmetric” service; the upload speed will be only 30Mbps. This is hardly better than the 20Mbps maximum possible with FTTC, so for many applications this can be regarded as a 30Mbps connection; only just reaching “superfast broadband” speeds in one direction. However, the plans do provide some hope that those of us on long noisy phone lines, and surrounded by trees, may finally achieve a stable “superfast” connection; at a price.

Andrew reckons that “FTTP on Demand is likely to cost around £1000 to £1500 for installation”, although he does not state where he gets these figures. The BT announcement just says “Any installation fee is highly likely to be distance dependent given the nature of the necessary work.”

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4 Responses to FTTP from BT?

  1. Walter says:

    It is perhaps prudent to note that this is only a pilot scheme in 15 designated locations with some infrastructure already available.

    Apart from the reasonably sized main fibre feed from Cranleigh, there does not appear to be any supporting infrastructure in the Ewhurst area yet.

  2. PhilT says:

    The current “special offer” for Brownfield FTTP GEA has an £80+VAT install fee, according to Openreach web site pricing notifications. I think there may be a cap of £1000 on the cost to BT, after which “excess construction charges” are applied – the equivalent limit on copper USO lines is £3400.

  3. David Nye says:

    I see that Zen are now offering 100Mbps FTTP (where available, 330Mbps coming soon) and up to 76Mbps FTTC services at £35.40 p.m.

  4. Walter says:

    And I would add to David’s comments that Zen are a first class organisation based in Rochdale with a technical helpdesk second to none in my opinion. They are of course constrained by the Incumbent’s network operators but they have engineered the best possible interface to resolve problems as rapidly as possible – and without the pantomime others sometimes engage in.

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