How can I comment on a news item?

At the bottom of each item, when viewed on the web site Home page, you should find a link for “Comments”. Click this to read any existing comments (or from an email update, click the title of the item or the link at the bottom). At the end of any comments, under the heading “Post a comment on this page”, you’ll probably see a “logged in” link. This will take you to the WordPress login page (WordPress is just the name of the software we use). Here you can use the login details you gave when you registered, or request a password reminder if lost. If you never registered, or get stuck, just contact us and we’ll sort out your login for you. Once logged in, a comments form will appear under “Post a comment on this page”, together with a “logout” link.

P.S. If anyone has their own views on local or national broadband issues, but does not wish to post comments on the site themselves, then please send them using our contact form and ask me to post the comments anonymously.

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