House of Lords Broadband Report

It seems that the House of Lords Select Committee on Communications did heed the messages from Peter Cochrane’s hearing in March. Their final report is published today. If you were not able to watch the video of Peter’s compelling evidence, then please do read the transcript contained in the full corrected written evidence document. For highlights and commentary on the report see Lords slam government’s strategy-free broadband plan.

Listen to the Ed Vaizey interview on BBC Radio 4 Today Programme, broadcast this morning (MP3 podcast).

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4 Responses to House of Lords Broadband Report

  1. David Nye says:

    Added Ed Vaizey interview to main post.

  2. termoclone says:

    I wish they would stop referring to a VDSL2 service as fibre optic. :(

  3. Walter says:

    This article makes an interesting set of comments to which we could add our local very sad experiences !

  4. Walter says:

    Perhaps we should follow Appleton’s example if we require reliable symmetric services available throughout the area:-

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