SCC Project Funding Delay

An unspecified legal issue regarding the BDUK funding contribution towards the SCC broadband project threatens to delay the roll-out according to a Surrey Advertiser article last week. But a spokesman for the county council said it still intends to sign a contract with a provider this month for provision of broadband countywide. South East England MEP Catherine Bearder has called for the EC to quickly resolve the issues according to an earlier article in Redhill and Reigate Life. Meanwhile, the SCC broadband page has finally been updated, but provides no additional details to those we have already reported.

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2 Responses to SCC Project Funding Delay

  1. Walter says:

    Surely the usual State Aid regulations still apply?
    Viz:- Any and all subsidies of commercial organisations are classified as State Aid. Only the EU can determine whether a particular proposal is “allowable” State Aid. To make a judgement the EU requires information for every proposal.

    As SCC did not adopt the BDUK framework, surely they must be responsible for submitting their data?

    Unless and until that State Aid process is approved, it seems difficult to see anything can proceed and it seems unlikely that SCC would be in a position to sign a contract.

    Before SCC eventually proceed they might do well to ensure that EVERY premise is provided with a potential service and not just the easy ones. As just one example of the difficulties with current FTTC solutions, the area involved in the Peaslake Road fiasco** probably contains over 20 premises plus the Duke of Kent independent school with little chance of enhanced, still asymmetric, VDSL broadband services. Similarly, Barhatch Lane upwards, The Warren and Holmbury Road seem unlikely.

    Unless further new developments become available I guess that around 100 properties are likely to be affected. However, in the near future, a WiBE mobile signal “modem” will become available, but only for those who have a good line of sight and can afford mobile charges. If anyone is interested perhaps they would like to e-mail me for further information.

    Any improvement on a miserable 2 Mbps asymmetric service (Peter Cochrane’s “Morse Key”) will no doubt be welcomed by many users.

  2. Walter says:

    Perhaps SCC might like to chat to their Cumbrian colleagues to ensure similar difficulties are avoided here ?

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