Cabinet 6 Coverage

Service area summary: Bookhurst Road up to Canfold cottages, Barhatch Lane up to and beyond Horseblock Hollow and part of The Warren, and some others.

Our research indicates that some or all properties in the following post codes are probably connected to cabinet 6. Postcodes in italics also appear to include properties serviced by another cabinet (please check for coverage at another cabinet). Properties connected to cabinet 6 which are in the grey postcodes are unlikely to achieve a significant improvement in connection speed with FTTC (according to the BT Wholesale availability checker). There may well be errors in the source data which we have not spotted. If you are unsure, or can help improve accuracy, please contact us.

GU67DH Amlets Lane
GU67DJ Barhatch Road
GU67DL Parkhouse Green
GU67DP Bookhurst Road brickworks
GU67DR Canfold Cottages & Bookhurst Road
GU67DS Wanborough Lane
GU67DT Wanborough Lane
GU67DU Copse Edge (off Barhatch Road)
GU67DW Bookhurst Road
GU67EY Bloxham Road
GU67HG Sylvaways Close
GU67NG Barhatch Road (part)
GU67NH Barhatch Lane
GU67NJ Horseblock Hollow & part of The Warren
GU67NN Ride Way (highest part only; above The Warren)
GU67UN Meadowside & Bowles Farm

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