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This excellent article from the BBC reports that the EU funding road-block is expected to end soon. It includes an attack on BT’s pricing policy and critisism of UK broadband strategy from the FTTH Council for Europe. This is highly recommended reading, along with this related and informative blog post. Having witnessed the huge amount of work required to get fibre to the Ewhurst cabinets, a variation in the price per cabinet seems inevitable. But the degree of secrecy surrounding these expensive contracts surely cannot be in the public interest. We still await publication of detailed information as to what level of broadband services the taxes spent on our behalf by Surrey County Council are expected to achieve across the county. The headline figures quoted so far seem pretty meaningless in isolation.

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  1. David Nye says:

    Email sent yesterday from Alan Young, Surrey County Councillor for Cranleigh and Ewhurst:

    You may be interested to know that, in today’s Council meeting, I formally asked the Leader of Surrey County Council why he had not yet been able to resolve the EU state aid issue in connection with the County’s Superfast Broadband project. He hinted that we may soon hear some positive news on this front and I shall let you know as soon as we do.

    The point of asking this question was to put down a marker of Ewhurst’s interest in the success of this project. Once the state aid hurdle is cleared, I would suggest I arrange a meeting with BT and Peter Martin (the deputy leader of the council who is in overall charge of the broadband project) to better understand how they are proposing to ensure universal coverage in Ewhurst.

    Kind regards,
    Alan Young

  2. David Nye says:

    This BBC article yesterday announced that the EU has formally approved the projects:

  3. David Nye says:

    Meanwhile, in Cornwall BT is testing 10000Mbps (10Gbps) FTTP connections as well as up to 5Mbps on very long copper lines using “broadband regenerator” technology:

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