Goodbye ESHB

Mike Turner, PR and Publicity officer for ESHB, recently told us that “We have decided to disband Ewhurst and Surrey Hills Broadband as it has run its course.” The formal objective of ESHB was to “Achieve in excess of 2 Mbps of broadband service for Ewhurst and Surrey Hills by January 2012.” Once BT announced that Ewhurst would be included in their “commercial roll-out” of FTTC service (up to 76 Mbps), the ESHB project funding was withdrawn and their role became uncertain. Mike maintained his relationship with BT during the roll-out, hoping to ensure that all Ewhurst cabinets were upgraded promptly.

In the meantime, SCC have signed a contract with BT to “deliver superfast broadband infrastructure across Surrey”. This supports the SCC target to provide almost universal access to “superfast” broadband (above 24 Mbps) by 2014. Combined with the upgrade of the last Ewhurst cabinet in December, this confirms that ESHB has lost its relevance, and it is the right time to say “thank you and goodbye”.


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