Outliers Position

I recently attended a broadband meeting chaired by Anne Milton MP, hoping to clarify the position of “outliers” in Surrey (those too far from their cabinet to get satisfactory service from FTTC). The meeting was mainly concerned with broadband service for businesses on the Loseley and Slyfield estates. Peter Cowen of BT Group stated that FTTP On-Demand will provide a solution for Loseley from this summer. Lucy Glenday (Superfast Surrey Programme Director) confirmed that Slyfield will be covered by the Surrey County Council programme. Regarding outliers, Mr Cowen simply referred to the BT obligation to provide a “universal” 2 Mbps service by 2015 (USC), and mentioned trials of various new technology to be deployed to achieve this. Neither he nor SCC were able to offer any news for those currently achieving less than 15 Mbps on FTTC. Similarly, Mike Turner’s BT contact recently hinted that increasing workload means they are now focussed just on meeting the USC, and the now numerous BDUK contracts with local authorities will stretch Openreach resources even further.

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