Superfast Surrey Early Steps

Whilst there was nothing new announced at the public meeting held for the Redhill and Reigate area in June, the Superfast Surrey team re-affirmed their committment to 100% coverage in some form. Meanwhile the first Surrey “intervention area” cabinet was enabled in Pixham Village (Dorking) a month earlier. This was an easy target, since Dorking exchange itself has been FTTC enabled for some time, but completing the first cabinet which BT did not previously consider to be commercially viable, three months ahead of schedule must garner some credit for the Superfast Surrey team. It is also fascinating to see how Surrey compares to other counties in this roundup of the BDUK contracts.

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  1. Micky says:

    I am a “BT Infinity” user according to the welcoming letter I received from from Mr Warren Buckley, Managing Director, Customer Service in Nov 2012. This letter contained a lot of information. However the two points I wish to share with you is wording at the top of the letter “Now ready for you … Your BT Infinity upgrade … Making the most of your new speed”.

    7.5 Mbps – I am ecstatic to know I can see paint dry quicker then before but lets get some sense into this item !! Whilst I do understand the problems associated with this subject Location, distance from cabinets etc I find it annoying that I am a number that supports Superfast Surrey’s mission to get a 100% coverage. How many more are out there are also just a statistic that is counted as a user of “Superfast” provided in Surrey. Therefore swell the important figure, as far as they are concerned; the percentage of coverage.

    I keep looking for articles that discuss this subject yet I find it hard to find anything relevant that confirms there are other users in Surrey in the same position. More importantly if this is the case, which I believe it is then it needs to get onto the “agenda” and start talking about quality as well as coverage. I know it as been raised at Public Meetings and yet we have not seen, to my knowledge a statement from Superfast Surrey on this subject.

    So, What are the views of others. Are there others who share my view?

  2. David Nye says:

    Hi Micky, Thanks for your comments. Please will you just clarify where the 7.5 Mbps figure is coming from? BT Infinity has a minimum service level of 15 Mbps, so your result is certainly worth checking out.

    I totally agree that SCC and BT announcements are very misleading, and I am trying to persuade them to rectify this. Most people seem to have interpreted the project mission as 99.7% “superfast” service, but this is far from the case.

    I would just say that it is far too early to judge the outcome of the project. We have been led to believe that further improvements will come, although it is unclear whether these would affect your own connection.

    I will be writing more on this when I have time.

  3. Walter says:

    @ Micky
    There are many facets to the definitions. E.g. It is not impossible that all the residents up Barhatch Lane and above are counted as having a service as cabinet 6 has a FTTC, even though no services are available due to the line quality and distance to the properties. Please get in touch if you would like to verify the integrity of your ” frozen treacle” VDSL service.

    @ everyone
    I am disturbed to report that there are no longer any VDSL services available from cabinet 20. Matters are even less certain as BT could (presumably) not afford to re excavate the entire duct length to add a second duct allowing the full compliment of tie cables to be installed. BT were obliged to “save money” by adding a new access chamber near the salt box so that only a set of 50 pr tie cables fed via the original old GPO ducting have been installed. We can safely assume that the final 28 services of the original 128, less any failed ones, have now been consumed, serviced via the 50 pairs. More concerning is the financial justification for further expansion as the tie cables can only support a further 22 services before significant civil works are required. It should also be noted that the green cabinet requires double the original connection space for every VDSL tie connection. It is quite clear that even the expanded cabinet cannot support anywhere near the total number of lines.

  4. David Nye says:

    I think it is clear that those in Barhatch Lane still unable to get above 2 Mbps will NOT be counted as having an acceptable service. Therefore, improvements will be needed here, and also for some on cabinets 18 and 20. Remember that Ewhurst is in a commercial area, so the Superfast Surrey project does not apply here. However, the SCC/BT agreement does commit BT to at least the minimum 2 Mbps service. Micky and myself can technically already be counted as “covered” under this agreement, but this is “work in progress”.

  5. David Nye says:

    The cabinet 20 issue could be one of those temporary database glitches we have seen before, so let’s wait a few days. If it persists I’ll make enquiries with Openreach, since we were guaranteed it would be upgraded as required to meet demand.

  6. Walter says:

    @ David re your 12:45 note,

    As BT have commercially developed PCP 6 and as SCC have limited resources to review every such connection throughout Surrey I don’t see it is as different from others in Ewhurst. Even though current ECI equipment is not compatible with vectoring there remains the possibility that at some time in the future BT may deploy a different solution so there is unlikely to be an end cutoff date in the near future.

  7. Walter says:

    @ David re your 12:56 note

    I agree that there might be some minor database adjustment perhaps if some of the lowest substandard VDSL users cease their services. However the fact remains that currently the maximum number of cabinet 20 connections cannot possibly exceed 150 services without substantial civil engineering costs which exceed BT’s available Ewhurst budget. Unless you have positive confirmation otherwise it is not unreasonable to assume that the actual maximum capacity has been limited by budget and remains at 128.

  8. David Nye says:

    Latest statistics from the EU indicate that the UK is catching up with the front runners. The large number of BDUK projects planned for the next couple of years will presumably improve our position significantly.

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