Superfast Surrey Phase 1 “Complete”

Surrey County Council and BT announced yesterday the “completion of Superfast Surrey Phase 1″ (SCC NewsBT PR), and the news has been picked up by the media, seven days after we published it here. Most of these sources are still talking about “nearly 100%” coverage, but it appears that ThinkBroadBand have finally acknowledged reality.

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  1. David Nye says:

    The Superfast Surrey team are now publishing newly enabled cabinets on Twitter. Unfortunately someone in the team has decided it’s a good idea to bombard their followers with photos of cuddly toys and other such dross, so to filter this out use this link:

  2. David Nye says:

    One of my clients, in Ewell, has just received the following detailed information from Openreach regarding a “commercial roll-out” cabinet, so it seems they are getting much better at handling enquiries. One also has to acknowledge their impressive perserverance with this particular problematic installation.

    “Thank you for your further enquiry about fibre broadband. I’m afraid the engineers to whom you spoke were misinformed about the current stat of the deployment of your cabinet. When attempting to position the fibre cabinet, a test ‘dig’ was performed to ascertain the state of underground services in the vicinity. Unfortunately, there were service ducts which had been encased in a large concrete block. It is normal practice to just bury ducts with no additional protection apart from signage. As such, we couldn’t install the dusts we require to connect the new fibre cabinet to the existing telephony cabinet. We are now resurveying for another place to locate the fibre cabinet, (our fourth for this cabinet). If all goes to plan and we do find another location, we would expect this cabinet to go live in late January 2014.”

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