Facts and Figures from Superfast Surrey

I received a copy of this fact sheet last month, but delayed posting because it’s status was unclear. I see it is now being circulated to local councillors, and has been found and indexed by Google. The figures presented are clearer than those released earlier, and seem to differ in some respects. Certainly worth reading.

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  1. David Nye says:

    I am sending this enquiry to Superfast Surrey:

    Dear SuperfastSurrey,

    Please will you advise how much of the recent additional superfast broadband funding from central Government was allocated to Surrey, and how this will be used.

    See http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-26338920

    If this has not yet been allocated, do you now accept that you are allowed to use state funding to significantly improve connection speeds for premises connected to FTTC cabinets which are enabled as part of a “commercial” programme? In particular where Openreach FTTC is unable to provide download speeds near the EU threshold of 30 Mpbs, or even your own threshold of 15 Mbps e.g. over 50 long lines in Ewhurst alone.

    David Nye

  2. David Cooper says:


    It appears from this link that Surrey have no additional funding. Where funding has been allocated I guess the authority will need to run another tender process. Who will bid given that BT have left many small holes to be filled?

  3. Walter says:

    I think David has omitted the 67 without any VDSL service at all.

    The only medium term solution is to provide Fibre To The Home, yet it is not in BT’s commercial interest to erode their return on investment in “The wrong Technology”; see:- http://tinyurl.com/qch4agn

    Yet it would be perfectly possible for a Community Interest Company solution to do so; just as the stalwarts in rural Lancashire are doing now. (See B4RN.org.uk ) If residents of Ewhurst, Albury and those towards Ockley were sufficiently enthused a viable project probably of less than 1,000 properties and businesses would suffice. Even more join when they see the 1 Gbps up and down speeds provided for only £30.00 per month without the need for telephone line rental. In some Lancashire village streets the take-up is approaching a staggering 100% figure.

  4. The Superfast Extension Programme (SEP) allocation of additional funding to Surrey County Council is limited to £100K subject to match funding.

    In light of the limited offer of funding and the potentially high cost of undertaking a procurement process, Surrey County Council currently consider that the marginal benefit of this funding offer is disproportionate to the additional investment required by Surrey County Council.

    There have been no material changes to the guidance in relation to the use of State Aid Funding in areas already the subject of commercial deployment.

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