State Funding Update

Government announces how £250m set aside for broadband services in remote areas will be spent. BBC article

Enquiry regarding how this will be spent in Surrey

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  1. David Nye says:

    Is anyone else having a problem browsing in Chrome (or in any other browser)? The central panel and links bar are empty most of the time for me, especially on the home page.

  2. Glyn Jarvis says:

    Another related BBC article appeared today:

    PS SFS website appears fine for me.


  3. David Nye says:

    See SCC reply to my enquiry here.

  4. David Nye says:

    The Parliamentary Under-Secretary of State for Culture, Media and Sport (Mr Edward Vaizey) explained the additional funding to Parliament last week as follows.

    “I happen to think that the rural broadband programme is going very well, and the Chancellor agrees with me, because he put in an extra £250 million. We are accused of moving the goalposts, but that is not the case at all. We have a £530 million programme, which is actually some £1.2 billion when local authority and BT money is taken into account, to bring superfast broadband, by which we mean about 24 megabits a second, to 90% of British homes. We want to go further, so we have found another £250 million. With match funding, which we expect most councils to be able to provide, we expect that 95% of British homes should get superfast broadband by the end of 2017.”

    Compare this target to Superfast Surrey’s 94% to get 15+ Mbps by the end of 2014.

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