Ewhurst Cabinet 18 is nearly UK’s Most Picturesque FTTC

The Ewhurst Green fibre cabinet, by the Cricket pitch at PCP 18, was a finalist for the prestigious award of UK’s most picturesque fibre cabinet, but narrowly lost out today to Splayfoil Road in Weybridge. See the photos of all the finalists, and read all about this award at TechWeek Europe.

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  1. David Nye says:

    I hope everyone enjoyed this little April Fools item as much as I did! It was a pleasing surprise to come across Walter’s photo of cab 18 when Googling for broadband news yesterday, although I guess Walter may not be so pleased about this violation of his copyright. Please remember, it is fine to link to other people’s material on the original web site, but not to actually copy photos or text onto another web site (or to publish elsewhere) without permission. A recent court ruling appears to suggest that it is OK to quote a short excerpt from the target web site in the link text, as in search engine results.

  2. Walter says:

    Thank you David for acknowledging my photograph.

    I’ve no doubt that you have realised the whole article is full of falsehoods which could very well get a number of people quite angry. The so called winner shows a picture of Ed Vaizey with Aidan Paul, the then MD of Vtesse Networks, beside their FTTCabinet in the Hertford area. That cabinet has a capacity for 500 services as opposed to the miserable 256 capacity when fully provisioned and cabled that BT have provided in Ewhurst. Furthermore that cabinet was capable of accommodating the full fibre spine we had specified in our SEEDA grant-approved Vtesse Networks project which would, by now – 3 years on, be well on the way to providing full Fibre-To-TheHome services for many of the worst off outliers. Even in 2010 it was quite clear to several of us that the FTTC design upon its own would be quite unsatisfactory given the observed state of the PSTN. BT’s quite disgraceful predatory tactics have left Ewhurstians without a glimmer of hope of a realistic fibre option and worse still has destroyed Vtesse Networks as a commercial competitor. All this without an apparent whisper of complaint from our MP, BDUK, Ofcom, DEFRA, SCC, Waverley Borough as well as the active encouragement from Parish Councillors.

  3. David Nye says:

    Superfast Surrey ignored my advice to keep their posts relevant to the project… and see what happens!

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