Superfast Surrey March Newsletter

Superfast Surrey published their newsletter for March yesterday. Much of this is occupied by the “half term report” already seen, but there’s additional information towards the end. This includes the news that they will be at the Surrey County Show, stand 21, on 26th May, Spring Bank Holiday Monday in Stoke Park, Guildford.

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  1. David Nye says:

    The web site has had a small face lift. Newly enabled areas are now posted on the home page, but I could not get the postcode checker to work.

  2. David Nye says:

    The April newsletter has just been published. It introduces a series of video interviews with Dr Nicola Millard.

    The postcode checker at has now been fixed.

  3. David Nye says:

    Analysis of progress and projection of end result by Thinkbroadband

    The estimate of 94.7% at 30+ Mbps will please Lucie, since this exceeds her target of 94.6% at 15+ Mbps. However, Andrew’s analysis is apparently based on estimated distances, which presumably means that the many poorly performing cables/connections are not being taken into account here.

  4. David Nye says:

    I see that BDUK are measuring performance of the existing contracts, including Surrey, by counting premises who achieve access to 24 Mbps for the first time as a result of those contracts. Therefore, SCC or BT must be supplying BDUK with the results for Surrey in those terms. If this is how BDUK are monitoring the contract, then surely the figure for Surrey should be published monthly, as well as the original target, if any. I cannot find any such figures relating to the 24 Mbps threshold for Surrey, so I have asked Superfast Surrey to provide them. See

    We are now approaching mid 2014, so it seems very late for the “new technologies for long lines” to still be under wraps. Openreach are now talking about widespread FTTRN deployment, so I think this must be one of the technologies concerned. I have asked Superfast Surrey whether there are plans to deploy these “remote nodes” in Surrey under the BDUK contract.

  5. Walter says:

    May I remind everyone of Dr Peter Cochrane’s comment on Neil Fairbrother’s article on G.Fast re Remote Nodes:-

    All this was so obvious way back in 1986….but ‘real engineering and economics’ has been driven out of the telecoms industry. You can’t beat physics (loss and crosstalk) and you can’t stop Moore’s Law! Mini-DSlams are an insane option! To get network reliability and resilience you have to take out electronics not put more in! To get a ‘Green Network’ you have to reduce the amount of material used and energy consumed! And Mbit/s are not enough for an obvious future rushing towards us. We have to start talking Gbit/s. But if you want sub-optimal industries and a population who just sit and watch sport on TV….just keep installing copper!

    With a copper network you need over 6000 switch site in the UK. If you install optical fibre this number drops below 70. 20,000 man in van crews goes down to 1,000, and all water ingress related faults just go away. No redo the economic argument. Go figure!

    Peter Cochrane

  6. Walter says:

    I note today that PCP 2 at the railway bridge on Hound House Lane above Shere has been enabled for VDSL / FTTC services. Unsurprisingly Hound House and all above it, central Lawbrook Lane, central Jesses Lane and Hazel Hall in Pond Lane Peaslake are not offered any VDSL services.

  7. David Nye says:

    Note that the Superfast Surrey target is 94% (sometimes quoted as 94.6%) at a minimum of 15 Mbps in the non-commercial area – see the FAQ entry copied below. There is no target for the commercial area, since the contract was not allowed to cover this. BT will not release the actual figure for the commercial area AFAIK, so we have no overall target for Surrey. The BDUK document does not qualify the 24 Mbps threshold, so, if this refers to sync speed, for example, then it may turn out to be no better that Surrey’s 15 Mbps minimum. Ref:

    Extract from FAQ page link above:


    “We will be providing 94% of homes and businesses in our programme deployment area with download speeds of 15 mbps or above. 15 mbps is the minimum speed that will be received at the busiest times.”

    “For those premises that fall in the remaining 6% of our deployment area, we will be working with BT to identify if there are any new technologies or solutions that can be incorporated into our roll out.”

  8. Walter says:

    Shere PCP 1 by the garage in Gomshall is now FTTC enabled.
    It also serves some quite long lines so I suspect there will be a number of disappointed folk yet again. E.g. the extremities of Colekitchen Lane and Wonham way.

  9. David Nye says:

    Phil reports that some Exchange Only lines (connected directly to the exchange rather than to a cabinet) in Guildford and Oxshott are now able to order FTTC services.

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