Ellens Green Broadband

Being connected to the Rudgwick exchange, the state of broadband in Ellens Green has received very little mention on this web site, although the village is included in our Parish. The exchange is in West Sussex, but Ellens Green premises are covered by the Superfast Surrey broadband contract. Both the exchange and Ellens Green postcodes (RH12 3AW for example) are scheduled to be ready for FTTC service by the end of June 2014. However, it is not yet clear how many will actually benefit from the upgrade, since most are likely to be too far from their cabinet. I suggest that anyone in Ellens Green who wants faster broadband should register on the Superfast Surrey web site, and follow this up with direct email contact if unable to achieve 15+ Mbps from the “fibre broadband” upgrade.

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2 Responses to Ellens Green Broadband

  1. David Nye says:

    According to the Superfast Surrey postcode checker, the Ellens Green upgrade appears to have been pushed back to September 2014. See http://superfastsurrey.org.uk/?pc=RH12+3AW&action=query&Submit=Submit#

  2. Walter says:

    Bt Openreach still appear to be laying fibre cables and even central Rudgwick isn’t available yet. Given that Ellens Green is one of the outliers, possibly with yet more broken and blocked ducts, it’s perhaps unsurprising that the new BT Openreach checker only suggests within the next 6 months.

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