Final month of “main” Surrey fibre deployment

The December edition of the Superfast Surrey newsletter is rather more informative than the last few. It reveals that the more challenging jobs have now been relegated to a secondary deployment; i.e. as per usual practice, Openreach just bump them back one “quarter” at a time, and thus completion is currently scheduled for the end of March.  This includes Ellens Green, at least for those who will be within FTTC range of the fibre cabinet. This over-run was always to be expected for a small number of cabinets requiring complex way-leave negotiation, but it is very disappointing that work on “premises where there is currently no viable fibre solution” has been left until this late stage. Critically, we still have little idea which premises this might apply to, or what the alternative solution will be. One thing we do know is that the Ewhurst outliers are excluded (“commercial area”), but potentially those just down the road in Ellens Green could be included (“intervention area”). The newsletter also implies that SCC do not yet know what funds might remain to cover these premises, which seems rather shocking at this stage of the project.

Past SFS newsletters: November, October, September, Summer.

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  1. David Nye says:

    The newsletter highlights Betchworth, possibly implying that there is some FTTP here.

  2. David Nye says:

    Phil reports that Openreach have finally fixed a long running problem in one FTTC cabinet in his area. One connection was running at 12 Mbps during the day but dropping to 5 Mbps in the evenings. Following fruitless investigation by the Openreach REIN team, the problem was instead fixed by changing the line card in the fibre cabinet. This also improved the stability of another connection from the same cabinet.

  3. David Nye says:

    An increase in demand for FTTP On Demand has apparently forced BT to suspend the acceptance of new orders while they catch up and ramp up their capacity for this product; ISPreview article.

  4. David Nye says:

    It appears that BT have been rewriting their own rule-book to more closely reflect the poor service that has typically been provided in practice; ISPreview article.

  5. David Nye says:

    It seems that another VDSL (FTTC) download performance improvement is being rolled out, involving a further automated modem firmware update. My connection download speed improved slightly at the end of December, and has now settled at just over 11 Mbps. Upload speeds are still being entirely neglected, so mine remains at a painful 0.3 Mbps. I do not know if this latest upgrade has already been applied here.

    “Openreach is in the early stages of introducing G.INP correction, also known as Retransmission, for FTTC lines that we think can benefit from it. Retransmission supports our Dynamic Line Management process and will benefit customers by providing a slight improvement in speed on FTTC lines where it has been used. It will also improve the volume of FTTC lines running error free. FTTC lines will automatically accept Retransmission policies. Those currently with non-Retransmission compliant modem firmware will be identified by management systems and updated, after which Retransmission will become available. An upgrade process has started which is expected to take several months to complete.”

    More technical details can be found on Kitz.

  6. David Nye says:

    This article last year expressed concerns that intervention area outliers might be better off than similar long lines in the commercial areas. In some cases, such as Alfold, where native FTTP has been provided, this is certainly true. But Ellens Green, Mickleham and many others demonstrate that in general there is no advantage in intervention areas. Indeed 1.8 km plus lines connected to some more recent installations seem considerably worse off, since they appear to be barred from ordering any “fibre” service.

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