Surrey County Council’s new broadband Open Market Review

Superfast Surrey have just published their new “Request for information on broadband infrastructure provision” at This paves the way for a Public Consultation, due to take place in the Autumn, which will help determine any further public investment in “superfast” broadband in Surrey.

The document appears to retrospectively downgrade the targets for the Superfast Surrey project, quoting “98.6% of those premises were to be connected to the fibre network”, previously 99.7%; and “93.9% of premises connected to the fibre network as part of the Superfast Surrey project to be able to access minimum download speeds of 15Mbps”, previously 94.6%. This may perhaps be explained by an increase in the number of premises in Surrey, quoted at “506,032 premises, of which 482,302 are residential and 23,730 are non-residential. In addition there are 772 Surrey premises in postcodes that are split across other counties.” Estimates I have seen previously have been closer to 450,000. This may also tie in with evidence that some cabinets were completely missed off the original project lists. Since BT blocked publication of the relevant section of their contract with SCC, we cannot know whether the revised percentages reflect a breach.

Surrey County Council Open Market Review

European Commission Decision on State aid – BDUK

State aid – Technology Guidelines

David Cooper’s detailed analysis of actual coverage estimates that about 90% of premises in the intervention area could possibly meet the target of 15+ Mbps in December 2014.

Summary of resultsDetailed resultsLinks to correspondence

Today is your last chance to support another Surrey community, Mickleham, who are also too far from their cabinet to order a “fibre” service. Click here to add your name - Read more

At least one such Surrey community have lost patience and agreed to pay for their own FTTC cabinets. Read the Hydestile, Hydon Heath and Feathercombe story here

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2 Responses to Surrey County Council’s new broadband Open Market Review

  1. Walter says:

    Whilst it is acknowledged that those reasonably close to their cabinets have an adequate service for the time being, there are many more with poor or even substandard speeds. Quite a number have no VDSL broadband at all. As the number of “smart devices” increase substantially matters can only get far worse.

    SCC don’t seem to want to know what was delivered by THEIR BDUK intervention ! “We are seeking to capture an updated view of suppliers’ commercial coverage with a view to defining the legal baseline of a potential new intervention.”

    Given that their last attempt was incomplete, does anybody think that another intervention, now with vastly differing performances, can possibly succeed – unless SCC can replace the entire PSTN with real Point-To-Point Fibre to each premise ?

  2. David Nye says:

    I have just received the following response to the Mickleham petition:

    “I am writing to confirm to you that this petition will be considered by Peter Martin, the Deputy Leader at his Cabinet Member decision meeting on Wednesday 13 May 2015. This is a public meeting and will be held at 10:00am in Committee room C at County Hall in Kingston.

    A response to this petition will be tabled at this meeting and you are welcome to attend and speak for 3 minutes on the issue you have raised. Please let me know if you or a representative will be attending the formal public meeting.

    If you have any questions or queries, please contact me on the telephone number below or via email.

    Kind regards,
    (name removed)
    Committee Assistant
    (contact details removed)

    Petition information –

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