Community Fibre Registration Progress

I have so far received 66 replies to my invitation to register for the BT Community Fibre Programme. Of these, 61 can be included in our application, and the premises concerned are distributed as follows:

Community Fibre Registration Summary by Road
Road Village Entries
Barhatch Lane Cranleigh 2
Coneyhurst Lane Ewhurst 8
Cranleigh Road Ewhurst 1
Furzen Lane Ellens Green 4
Holmbury Road Ewhurst 1
Horsham Lane Ewhurst 9
Horsham Road Ellens Green 2
Horsham Road Walliswood 4
Lower Breache Road Ewhurst 5
Mapledrakes Road Ewhurst 1
Moon Hall Road Ewhurst 5
North Breache Lane Ewhurst 2
Ockley Road Ewhurst 1
Peaslake Road Ewhurst 2
Pitch Hill Ewhurst 3
Rectory Close Ewhurst 1
Shere Road Ewhurst 1
Somersbury Lane Ellens Green 1
Somersbury Lane Ewhurst 3
The Avenue Ewhurst 1
The Glebe Ewhurst 1
The Street Ewhurst 2
Wykehurst Lane Ewhurst 1
Community Fibre Registration Summary by Postcode
Postcode Entries
GU6 7NH 2
GU6 7NN 3
GU6 7NP 5
GU6 7NR 2
GU6 7PF 1
GU6 7PJ 1
GU6 7PL 3
GU6 7PN 3
GU6 7PP 2
GU6 7PU 1
GU6 7PX 2
GU6 7PZ 1
GU6 7QH 1
GU6 7QW 1
GU6 7SA 1
GU6 7SJ 1
GU6 7SL 1
GU6 7SN 2
GU6 7SQ 5
GU6 7SR 3
GU6 7SW 9
RH12 3AP 1
RH12 3AR 2
RH12 3AS 2
RH12 3AT 1
RH12 3AW 1
RH5 5RL 4

It is clear that the properties are spread over a large area, and some roads have only one entry. BT has said that they will probably divide the area up, and I expect they will focus on the roads with the greatest demand. BT has also advised that our application should include all interested parties, so I recommend further distribution of the invitation, especially in roads with a low response to date. We have found this to be most effective when someone asks their neighbours to register in person, since many are wary of sending their contact details to a stranger. It is also important to say that this initial application does not commit us to anything and will not affect the SCC review; each registration will help us to get reasonable proposals by demonstrating the demand in each road.

The printable A4 version of the invitation has been updated to reflect the new FTTP products from BT Openreach. The fastest speed available will soon be 1,000 Mbps download and 220 Mbps upload. Please download the updated invitation here and use it to encourage others to register. Remember to let me know, so that I can delay sending our application until all responses are in.

The most recent newsletter from Superfast Surrey confirms various details about the BT scheme and related matters. There’s nothing new, but it’s a useful resource for reference, and is available here. It does suggest that Virgin may be able to provide a quote for improvements, but to date the company has declined my requests. I shall try again.

The Government recently published comprehensive guidance for community led broadband schemes here.

In a recent MSE poll, 40% said they would never buy a property which did not have access to high speed broadband, even at a big discount; details here.

Whilst the BT application only applies to those unable to get “superfast” broadband, there may soon be other potential FTTP suppliers. The situation is rapidly developing, so I am also keen to hear from those who already have a “superfast” service, but would like “ultrafast”, or who would be interested in an alternative solution.

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