BT Community Fibre Application Submitted

Our application for the BT Community Fibre Programme was submitted on 12/12/16 and was acknowledged on 14/12/16. It included 66 registered broadband connection records which I believe to be eligible; 9 records were excluded because “superfast” broadband is already available, and 1 person who replied did not wish to be included. The acknowledgement stated that BT “will get back to you shortly with a likely design date”; I am unsure what the “design date” represents in this context. The map below shows the approximate distribution of those connections below 25 Mbps as at 23/11/16; each red dot represents a number of premises grouped by postcode, where some postcodes have been merged if in close proximity. The number in the dot represents the number of eligible records at that time. The seven in central Ewhurst are noteworthy; the cable routes must be rather indirect, and possibly the wires or connections are in poor condition. It is possible that some could be levered into the “superfast” category by modifications to the internal wiring or equipment.

Below 25Mbps

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