Tuesday Ultrafast Event Times Extended

To help our commuters, Box Broadband have kindly agreed to keep the doors open until at least 8.30 pm, and to re-run their Ultrafast Broadband presentation for late arrivals, if requested. The event at the EYSC (on the central recreation ground, down Broomers Lane near the village shop), will be manned by Box Broadband staff from 2 pm to 8.30 pm. Planned presentation times are now 2.30, 4.30, 7 and 8 pm (if required), and their staff will be available to explain the proposals and answer questions throughout the afternoon and evening. Staff on hand will include an engineer and the Managing Director. Tea and coffee will be provided. I plan to be there for the opening at 2 pm, and for the 4.30 session, and as much of the afternoon as possible. Parish Councillors will also be present at various times.

About 900 flyers were delivered in and around Ewhurst and Ellens Green, but the delivery people are not familiar with the area, so apologies if you or your neighbours were missed. Please do encourage others to attend if you can.

This exciting new opportunity is only possible due to a new government initiative, encouraging “Altnets” to provide a pure fibre optic feed directly into homes and businesses, entirely separate from BT’s network. The £1bn Digital Infrastructure Fund sounds large, but only part will be used in this way, and I expect that relatively few rural communities will be able to benefit. I think that we may need to act fast and demonstrate great enthusiasm. Please drop-in to the EYSC event on Tuesday if you can, between 2 pm and 8.30 pm.

Ewhurst connection speeds currently vary between 1 and 76 Mbps download (upload speeds are much slower) depending on the location, and are often erratic or unreliable. The service still relies on the copper phone lines, which severely limits future speed increases and reliability. Pure fibre to the premises (FTTP) from Box will provide a minimum of 100 Mbps, down and up, to premises in any location, at a similar cost to equivalent services, with up to 1000 Mbps being potentially available at extra cost, and supporting much higher speeds as needed in future. This differs from the BT Community Fibre scheme in several ways, but probably the most compelling benefit is not having to raise the “gap funding”.

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