Superfast Surrey – Gainshare deployment

Surrey County Council (SCC) have finally announced the areas to be covered by their “Gainshare deployment” (previously “phase 2″) i.e. the further work by BT Openreach, paid for with the refund due under the SCC/BT/BDUK contract, following the high levels of “fibre broadband” take-up from the original deployment. The announcement essentially takes the form of a list of 796 postcodes which should benefit, split into two delivery stages, and an indication whether all premises in the postcode should benefit.

I have compiled a shorter list of the relevant postcodes in our area of interest, in a more easily understood format. This includes the Parish postcodes which SCC have previously identified as still requiring improvement, plus those representing entries in my “register of interest in faster broadband”, including some in the immediately surrounding area. The column “EB Register” shows the number of entries in my register.

Ewhurst Broadband Postcode Analysis
Postcode Speed (SCC data April 2016) EB Register Entries SCC Gainshare deployment
GU6 7DH Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7DL Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7DP 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7DR 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7DT 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7HG 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7NG Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7NH Under 15 Mbps 2  
GU6 7NJ Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7NL Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7NN Under 15 Mbps 4  
GU6 7NP Under 15 Mbps 5  
GU6 7NR Under 15 Mbps 3  
GU6 7NS Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7NT Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7NW Under 15 Mbps 1  
GU6 7PE 30+ Mbps 1  
GU6 7PF 15 – 29 Mbps 4  
GU6 7PJ 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7PL 15 – 29 Mbps 3  
GU6 7PN 15 – 29 Mbps 4  
GU6 7PP Under 15 Mbps 2  
GU6 7PT 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7PU 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7PW 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7PX Under 15 Mbps 4  
GU6 7PY 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7PZ 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7QB 30+ Mbps 2  
GU6 7QF 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7QG 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7QH 15 – 29 Mbps 2  
GU6 7QJ 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7QL 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7QW 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7QY Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7RR 30+ Mbps 1  
GU6 7RT Under 15 Mbps 1  
GU6 7SA 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7SE 15 – 29 Mbps    
GU6 7SG 30+ Mbps 1  
GU6 7SJ Under 15 Mbps 1 Some by March 2019
GU6 7SL 15 – 29 Mbps 1  
GU6 7SN Under 15 Mbps 2 Some by March 2019
GU6 7SP Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 7SQ Under 15 Mbps 5  
GU6 7SR Under 15 Mbps 3  
GU6 7SW Under 15 Mbps 10 Some by March 2019
GU6 7UN Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 8EE Under 15 Mbps    
GU6 8EG Under 15 Mbps 1  
RH12 3AB Under 15 Mbps 1  
RH12 3AP Under 15 Mbps 2 Some by March 2019
RH12 3AR Under 15 Mbps 2 Some by March 2019
RH12 3AS Under 15 Mbps 2 Some by March 2019
RH12 3AT 15 – 29 Mbps (incorrect) 2  
RH12 3AW Under 15 Mbps 1 Some by March 2019
RH5 5RJ 15 – 29 Mbps    
RH5 5RL 15 – 29 Mbps 4  
RH5 6NS Under 15 Mbps    
RH5 6NT Under 15 Mbps    
RH5 6NU Under 15 Mbps    
RH5 6NX Under 15 Mbps    

So, only 7 of our postcodes should be improved, out of my list of 63 wanting a better service. These 7 are all in phase 2, and in none of them will all the premises benefit. There is no indication as to how many individuals will benefit, or which. The target for those which do is 24 Mbps. Some postcodes may be dropped later if they turn out to be more expensive than expected. More detail can be found via the links below.

Superfast Surrey FAQ

Gainshare Deployment announcement

Full list of Gainshare Deployment postcodes

Gainshare Deployment Map

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6 Responses to Superfast Surrey – Gainshare deployment

  1. David Nye says:

    Following feedback from RH12 3AT, which was incorrectly designated as “WHITE”, I have amended the speed column heading to show the source of this data. I have also reported the designation error to Superfast Surrey. [Edit 10 March] Superfast Surrey agree the speed designation was incorrect, but it is now too late for the correction to make any difference. They point out that many “TARGET WHITE” postcodes have been left out of the deployment in any case, and that we had the opportunity to correct the error during the public consultation.

  2. David Nye says:

    I have been made aware of 28 postcodes in GU84 which appear to have been incorrectly included in this deployment. These are covered by a new FTTC cabinet, and apparently now enjoy superfast speeds, if so I think they must be removed according to BDUK rules. So that should free up funding for other postcodes.
    [Edit 10 March] Superfast Surrey claim that most of these post codes do contain at least one premise with speed below 15 Mbps and, therefore, are eligible under BDUK rules. As to why these should have been selected instead of other postcodes with more needy premises; in theory this would be because it results in the maximum number of superfast premises for the money. In reality, dare I suggest that either the selection process was poor, or it just suits Openreach to do it? Since the entire process is subject to NDA, I guess we are expected to trust them.

  3. David Nye says:

    “Will the Gainshare deployment be FTTC and not FTTP?”

    The SCC FAQ (link above) makes it clear that there will be a mix, but we will not be informed which is deployed until the service is made available. However, as soon as work starts on the ground, it quickly becomes obvious. My best guess from the Gainshare deployment map (link above) is that Ewhurst and Ellens Green might get 4 “mini cabinets” i.e. FTTC, with additional fibre going to a new small cabinet in the centre of a group of houses.

  4. David Nye says:

    “How does this impact Box Broadband?”

    I certainly hope the Gainshare deployment does not discourage Box. They say not, at the moment. My postcode is one of the 7 included in Gainshare, but I would certainly prefer the certainty and superior service from a Box solution. Box Broadband are currently working on the details of their plan and I hope to be able to publish more very soon.

  5. David Nye says:

            “My upload speed is way lower than the download speed; is this a problem?”

    Upload speeds are almost always much lower than download; just one of the ways in which the advertised speeds are generally misleading. Your result, 15 Mbps down and 4 Mbps up, is typical of long lines. Admittedly, most users do mostly want faster downloads e.g. for watching videos, but if you need to send videos or photos or use Cloud services then you really need faster uploads as well. This is hardly unusual, especially for home workers and businesses. BT work on the basis that a “typical” user only needs 20% to 25% of the download speed for uploads, so on this basis they should provide you with 3 Mbps upload in theory. However, the equipment is optimised for shorter lines, so on longer lines the upload speed suffers more, because the higher frequencies used for uploading drop off more over distance than the lower frequencies used for downloading. I have argued for a “symmetric” service i.e. same speed up and down. BT do not currently support this option on any of their services, but Box Broadband will. Basically most other service providers sacrifice upload speed so that they can advertise/sell a higher download speed. Virgin seem to think that an upload speed less than 10% of download is perfectly fine. In my view advertisers should be forced to state the upload speed alongside any download speed with equal prominence.

  6. David Nye says:

    “Is the SCC Gainshare Deployment good value for money?”

    SCC tell us that over 15,300 premises in Surrey were identified as “NGA TARGET WHITE” i.e. currently below 15 Mbps and no known commercial plans to improve them. The Gainshare Deployment currently targets nearly 6,000 of these premises, and aims to get them up to at least 24 Mbps. From the Gainshare funding announced (£3,900,000), this will work out at over £650 per premise, if achieved. This can be compared to Box Broadband’s forecast that they can provide 1,000 Mbps capable connections for around £1000 per premise.

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