Status change for Openreach “FTTP on Demand” product

“FTTP on Demand” is now showing as “available” for all Ewhurst cabinets, and I expect for all Cranleigh cabinets which currently support FTTC. This was already the case for Oakwood Hill and many other exchanges. However, I have not heard of anyone in Surrey successfully getting a quote for the service, let alone installation. As far as I know, BT are the only ISP claiming to offer the product in Surrey at present, and only to “business” customers. However, those who have enquired have been directed to the “lease line” or “private fibre/FTTP” product, with BT sales people apparently believing it to be the same thing. If anyone with a BT business line would care to try for a quote, please let me know. Whilst the “FTTP on Demand” service would be cheaper than “lease line/private fibre/private FTTP”, it remains far more expensive than the symmetric FTTP service planned by Box Broadband. Much more information, including wholesale price guide, can be found in the comments below the launch article.

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  1. David Nye says:

    I asked the Openreach Fibre Enquiries Team which service providers offer FTTP on Demand. The reply was: “In response to your query regarding FTTP on demand, we ask you to contact your chosen ISP for detailed information. We aren’t able to provide information for FTTP on demand, as we have limited access and we only let you know the FTTC and FTTP availability.”

    Two local businesses are making enquiries for me, but have drawn a blank so far.

    As far as I can see the product is not shown on the BT Business availability checker even for businesses in Welsh towns where we know it should be available. Note that Welsh businesses get the service by using vouchers issued by the Welsh government.

  2. David Nye says:

    According to this fascinating thread, BT Business are no longer selling FTTP on Demand, but incompetent BT sales staff will sometimes quote for it at native FTTP prices!

    However, Fluidata/FluidOne have started to sell the product, and here’s a link to a screen shot of a very recent order to prove it (it’s not yet mentioned on their web site):

  3. David Nye says:

    A Virgin Business (FTTC) customer near Ewhurst cabinet 19 tells me that he has been offered FTTP on Demand from Virgin Business. But he “would rather donate to the cause” (Box FTTP project) “and help it work for the neighbourhood rather than just running to our property”. It’s quite likely the Virgin sales team are as confused as BT’s, so I will ask to see a detailed quote to verify the offer.

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