Why register now?

It is important to let Box Broadband know your level of interest now for several reasons.

  • The roll-out will be demand driven and routes will follow advance orders, to ensure the network is commercially viable and thus sustainable in the long term.
  • Further funding has been promised subject to projected connection numbers; a poor take-up at this stage may well cause the project to stall in a few months.
  • The fibre must cross private land, so Box need contact details for all cooperative landowners.
  • In some cases it may not be feasible to go back and extend the network later.
  • Ensuring your property has access to the network will increase its value and give you or a buyer the option to connect later.
  • Those ordering a service in advance will get a special installation deal.

Click here to register or phone Box Broadband Ltd on 0330 113 0180.

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