FTTP Network Construction Begins

As promised, Box Broadband have started construction work on our first pure fibre optic communications network today. The plan is to become a world-class Fibre to the Premises (symmetric Gigabit FTTP) broadband & telephone service covering Ewhurst, Ellens Green, Walliswood and surrounding areas, subject to demand and funding. The scope of phase 1 has been scaled down to match the start-up funds forthcoming, and covers the area of greatest registration density to date. A Boxcom team is currently digging across private land north of Froggetts Lane and expects to reach the lane itself in about 3 weeks. Once fibre laying here is complete, they will continue down Horsham Lane, into Somersbury Lane, then down the B2128 to Furzen Lane. The link to the backhaul will be in Walliswood, with a cabinet near the eastern end of Froggetts Lane. The backhaul service has been ordered and delivery is expected in 3 months, so we hope to see the first connections go live at the end of July.

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2 Responses to FTTP Network Construction Begins

  1. Glyn Jarvis says:

    Hi David – Does this mean that the first stage covers GU6 7SW? Not that I’m at all keen to place an order! :-)

    Thanks, Glyn.

  2. David Nye says:

    Hi Glyn, yes I understand that GU6 7SW is definitely included… sooooooo lucky! Horsham Lane already has the greatest density of sign-ups, but more are needed to sustain the service long term, so anything you can do or suggest; please get in touch. It’s a shame that we cannot actually see the work in progress at the moment. It will be easier to believe it is actually happening when we see Boxcom working in Froggetts, next month. I’m told the progress made yesterday was good.

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