Horsham Lane/Horsham Road Works Day 10

The works in Horsham Lane have presented several challenges, not least the remains of the Roman road obstructing the “mole” at all road crossings. This SCC roadworks permit is also rather restrictive, possibly due to the Thames Water activity in the same area, so the Boxcom team have so far concentrated on the main excavation and infrastructure, to complete this within the permitted dates. Next week they will return to do the smaller jobs and tidy up. Unfortunately the recent rain has inevitably created a lot of very sticky clay mud, so please be patient and do what you can to help.

Three residents have kindly plugged the funding gap for the 400m segment south of Froggetts Lane (towards Rowhook), and Boxcom plan to start work on this next week as well. Preparation for Somersbury Lane is progressing well.

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2 Responses to Horsham Lane/Horsham Road Works Day 10

  1. shaun says:

    Any outside indication of when the install/enabling works will reach the village centre? we are hoping to give BT the heave ho at some point and would rather not extend the current agreement if there is some indication of timescales for boxcom


  2. David Nye says:

    Expansion beyond the current plans will depend on demand and funding, so no timescale can be indicated at this time.
    Check coverage at https://www.boxbroadband.co.uk/networks
    Register demand at https://www.boxbroadband.co.uk
    Subscribe to updates at http://www.ewhurst-broadband.org.uk/?page_id=2005
    Help with funding at https://www.boxbroadband.co.uk/community

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