Six months on with Box Broadband

It’s now over six months since we had our internet upgraded to full fibre with Box, and David has asked me to write about my experience. Overall, it’s been great, whilst it’s hard to pin point one thing, it is the whole faster internet package that just makes modern life easier. The service has been very reliable, a couple of small outages at the beginning during the beta testing phase but since then it’s been functioning perfectly. I will pick out some of the capabilities that make Box so good for our family.

When working, I am often required to download very large files. These only become available at 7am for the next working day, and are occasionally updated during the UK working morning. Previously, when working from home, I would set the download off when I woke up, and then would have it to work with, maybe, by mid-day. With Box, it takes 5 minutes – and if I bothered to plug my computer into network cable, rather than Wi-Fi, it would be quicker still! Furthermore, it means that if both my wife and I are working from home, (e.g. to do child care shifts when a child is off school sick, or for holiday) we are able to do it without competing for internet bandwidth.

We have also completely swapped away from BT as our phone provider. If I was in an area where we actually had a mobile signal, I would have just used those, but as mobile coverage in our house is non-existent we still needed a landline. However, some years ago, I chose a 3rd party VoIP provider and connected some VoIP phones in the house to enable us to call abroad for less than BT rates. This VoIP provider has a greatly enhanced service compared to BT – we now get missed call notifications and answer phone messages delivered by email, so no longer have to wait to get home before finding out that someone called us. Whilst we did have this before Box, it required quite a lot of manual setup due to the slow internet speed.

We also appreciate the internet connection speed at home when we are not there. I can remotely drop into our cameras to check around the house, for example, I did this to check that a parcel had been picked up by a courier:


In addition, I would like to also mention that whilst we were on holiday, our power tripped. Seeing that we had lost internet connection for a while, Box telephoned and then emailed me to check that all was ok. I would never had got that level of care from our previous ISP!

Oh, and of course, video streaming has become a smooth affair, no longer do I ever see the spinning disc whilst waiting for iPlayer or a film to download, and am now able to stream UHD contents which isn’t possible unless the internet connection gets at least 20-25Mbps.

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