Pitch Hill area network

After the successful meeting at the Ewhurst village hall in November, a small steering group of Pitch Hill Residents, met with Chris Box to take matters forward.

Various routes were discussed and planned for and routes were walked to check feasibility and eventually a route was settled on and residents around the route were contacted and discussed permissions etc. This route was to come up Pitch Hill between Barhatch Lane and Shere Road, along Coneyhurst Road and up Pitch Hill. Box is ready to start the digging and has secured the route for most of the way but needs the final approval of some of the landowners for the final stretch north.

As a result of this wait Box has begun works in other parts of the country and Pitch Hill Broadband residents steering group are now investigating alternative route options potentially coming across from the East toward Coneyhurst Lane and then up the hill.

Local Pitch Hill residents in the Steering Group have given a lot of time and been extremely active with Box behind the scenes to get things moving and things are on the brink of happening. This is the best chance that Pitch Hill has to get internet fibre and if we lose this opportunity we will have status quo internet for years to come.

Should anyone want any information please write to the steering group via Jeannie Cameron at pitchhillbroadband@gmail.com

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