Happy Birthday FTTP

Today is the first anniversary of my excellent Pure Fibre connection from Box Broadband becoming live. Naturally the connection quality remains first class, and the Box team have now proven their ability to maintain the network efficiently, repairing even the malicious cutting of fibre cables within hours, working through the night. For various reasons I am still using an elderly laptop too far from the router, resulting in poor Wi-Fi performance in my office. Whilst entirely my responsibility, the locally based Box support have been very willing to help with diagnosis, and I recently installed a spare pair of Power-line adapters as a short term solution.

There’s more good news in Ellen’s Green; I understand that all the necessary way-leaves and permission are now in place and construction progresses apace. Sincere thanks to all who helped drive take-up in support of this, and we look forward to final completion of this section soon.

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