BT Cabinet 20 Fault (Bulls Head FTTC)

A Sky FTTC (fibre to the cabinet) customer in Peaslake Road has reported an issue with the cabinet near the Bulls Head (BT Openreach PCP 20). His connection speed is usually around 10.5 Mbps but on 14th January it dropped to 4.7 Mbps and there was a significant hum on the phone line rendering voice calls almost impossible. He reported the issue to Sky on Tuesday and was pleasantly surprised that an Openreach engineer attended first thing on Wednesday morning. This engineer traced the issue to a fibre port in the cabinet, perhaps resulting from a power surge/outage the cabinet suffered around Christmas (a generator was seen next to the cabinet). Apparently there are currently no spare ports in the cabinet so the line cannot be switched to another port, and the engineer is now aware of at least 3 other lines with the same issue and no scheduled fix date. So it seems that the connection will continue to deteriorate and more lines may be impacted over time. The BT Group Availability Checker currently shows the status as “Waiting list”. The fast response from BT Openreach is almost certainly due to the impact on voice calls rather than the drop in speed. Others who are only suffering from poor connection speeds are unlikely to get the same treatment. We very much look forward to the pure fibre service reaching the northern side of Ewhurst soon. If anyone has any further information please let us know.

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  1. David Nye says:

    The availability checker is now showing FTTC as “available”, which should mean there are now spare ports.

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