Ellen’s Green – Gigabit Internet Now LIVE

Box Broadband Ltd has now activated their first connection in Furzen Lane, Ellen’s Green. This marks completion of the (Phase 1) Ewhurst, Ellen’s Green and Walliswood network first announced in March 2017. Happy new subscribers Katy & Steve Pocock write:

Many thanks to the team for all your hard work to get us connected on Friday. We are delighted with the result – we have upload / download speeds in excess of 800MB/s. We really appreciate the hours and effort that everyone put in to make it happen, the team have regularly gone above and beyond the call of duty over the last few weeks in the mud and rain.

I would like to add my own effusive thanks and congratulations to Chris and his team, especially for persevering with the project when obstacles seemed insurmountable and anyone else would certainly have given up.

This first network is still being extended, and currently covers the following postcodes.

Postcode Road
GU6 7SN North Breache Lane
GU6 7SP Somersbury Lane
GU6 7SQ Lower Breache Road
GU6 7SR Somersbury Lane
GU6 7SW Horsham Lane
RH12 3AR Furzen Lane
RH12 3AS B2128 Horsham Road
RH12 3AT Somersbury Lane
RH12 3AW Furzen Lane
RH5 5RD Walliswood Green Road
RH5 5RG Walliswood Green Road
RH5 5RJ Froggetts Lane
RH5 5RL Horsham Road
RH5 5RQ Oakfields
RH5 5RS Sheep Green

Please do encourage everyone with premises in these roads to call Box Broadband on 0330 113 0180 or visit www.boxbroadband.co.uk and order a pure fibre connection now. Remember that existing contracts can be terminated early if price or other terms are changed, or by negotiation (when the fee is often minimal), so that the benefits of hyperfast 800 Mbps can be enjoyed right away. Alternatively, some prefer to run two services in parallel for a few months. The more customers who take our new gigabit broadband service, the faster it can expand into surrounding areas.

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