Pitch Hill Update from Jeannie

Dear All,

You have no doubt seen the Box Broadband engineers getting closer toward Pitch Hill.  Things have certainly moved on from that Ewhurst Village Hall meeting I organised in November 2017 – and within a couple of weeks Box will be in a position to provide a very clear cost to bring full fibre broadband to Pitch Hill.

Once the cost is known we will then each be in a position to decide whether it is something we each wish to proceed with or not.   It is expected that we will have a window of time to decide to be in or out.

This circulation list was formed mainly from those who contacted me after I originally letter-boxed.  There may well be more people on Pitch Hill who did not advise interest at that time and if so, please ask your neighbours to send me an email and I’ll include them in the communications.   It is also likely that I will letterbox Pitch Hill again to ensure that everyone is included with the latest information – volunteers welcome!

Box has now opened an office in Cranleigh. Here is the website:  https://www.boxbroadband.co.uk

Thank you to Chris Box for sticking with Pitch Hill despite the odds!

Kind regards,  your neighbour

Jeannie Cameron
Windmill House
Pitch Hill

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