Pitch Hill Progress

The Pitch Hill Box Broadband network continues to progress and I’m advised that it will be going live by the end of January for all those Pitch Hill properties who have subscribed. Graham Sargood, the CEO at Box, told me that this network is being built as several fibre rings.  He explained that they have already built the network to Coneyhurst Lane, and now need to complete the various fibre rings, which will then be connected underground along the road verges.  One ring was built at the Warrens (above the Windmill Inn) which will serve those properties to the west and the north. Another ring is being networked to the Holmbury side at present which will bring in those properties on the east side.  These will soon be connected by specialist teams, with a join along Moon Hall Road and Barhatch Lane for example. At this point residents will be contacted directly to arrange access and to discuss specific routes on each property. Chris Box is leading the engineering and networking side of it all and many of you will have seen him and the teams around the area. Also, some of you may have heard me on LBC radio recently, when Eddie Mair launched a quest for the UK’s worst internet.  I was driving at that moment and pulled over and called in.  Eddie kept saying that we have “Jeannie pitching for Pitch Hill” as he encouraged others to call in. I advised how bad our internet was, and compared it to the island of Jura in Scotland where I’d been recently where the internet (and the roads) were much better than we have in Surrey at Pitch Hill.  I think we won – ours was clearly worse than any of the other callers. We are all looking forward to the new year and our new internet service and thanks again to Chris Box and his colleagues for making it happen.

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